Jesus Culture's "Church Volume Two (Live)" Arrives June 5

Jesus Culture

GRAMMY-nominated Jesus Culture will release, Church Volume Two (Live) on June 5. Worship leaders featured during the recording include Kim Walker-Smith, Bryan & Katie Torwalt, Chris McClarney, Chris Quilala, Mack Brock and Derek Johnson. 

The new album is preceded by the single "Fearless" featuring Kim Walker-Smith.  Walker-Smith writes: "My new song "Fearless" is out today! This is the anthem I want to be singing right now! God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of power, LOVE, and a sound mind! He makes me FEARLESS, even in a swirling storm of crazy times. I belong to His Kingdom, which is unshakeable & everlasting! And when fear is gone, there is lots of room for...JOY!!" 

"Jesus Culture started as a youth conference and evolved into a movement," shares one of the co-founders of Jesus Culture music Kim Walker-Smith. "The music was a by-product of the movement and what God was doing in and through us. As the music grew, we were labeled 'Jesus Culture Band,' and it became an identity that we were trying to fit into, and it never felt quite right. We were always a movement and a church. When we started talking about this album, we felt an overwhelming sense that we didn't want to create another album just because. We wanted to again, give birth to something that is just a by-product of what God is doing in our church and in our lives. With this record, we wanted to be intentional about it and go back to what we know,our history, and our identity."

This project is second of two volumes featuring 18 songs that were recorded live at Jesus Culture Sacramento over a period of four Sundays. 

"It felt like a return to simplicity," shares Jesus Culture worship leader Derek Johnson. "Capturing moments with our church family over the course of a few Sundays and singing songs we all needed to sing. It's one of the reasons there are two volumes. Every song had something special, and we knew we had to release them all. How do you cut a moment with God? It just didn't feel possible."

These songs have become anthems for Jesus Culture, and they are excited to share them with the world during a time that hope is needed and fear is defeated. 

"Our prayer is that these songs would serve as a weapon for the Church in this time," explains Walker-Smith. "Our praise and our worship is powerful and it is a weapon to dispel lies and fear. We pray that these songs become the backdrop for many encounters with Jesus and put words to the prayers and cries of hearts." 


1. Fearless (featuring Kim Walker-Smith)

2. Fill Up the Sky (featuring Derek Johnson)

3. You Cannot be Stopped (featuring Chris Quilala)

4.  I Need You More than Anything (featuring Chris McClarney)

5. Prophesy Your Promise (featuring Bryan and Katie Torwalt)

6. I Lift My Eyes (featuring Mack Brock)

7. Lean Back (featuring Bryan and Katie Torwalt and Chris McClarney)

8. One Night (featuring Jake Iturburn)

9. Freedom is Coming (featuring Bryan and Katie Torwalt)


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