Fast and Furious 7: Cast, Spoilers, Release Date and Reveals; Thoughts and Opinions on What’s Next

Fast & Furious season 7

Fast and furious 7; cast, spoilers, release date and reveals; thoughts and opinions on what's next

The seventh installment of the Fast and Furious franchise is one of the most awaited movies that it set to come out next year. Just a few things here, one of the films stars playing Brian O'Connor the FBI agent, Paul Walker died in a tragic car accident as you all know, but this was one of his last great works before he perished and it is adding to the ratings for the film. As a result of his untimely demise which happened before shooting was over, the directors had to delay the Fast and furious 7 release date to April 10th.

After resuming the shooting in April, lead actor Vin Diesel says that filing should soon be done. The Fast and furious 7 cast remains the same with appearances from Tyrese Gibson, Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez. There are new additions to the cast include Jason Stathem who will play the very competent villain, as well as Romeo Santos and Kurt Russel.

As for the Fast and furious 7 plot, the story will see the introduction of Shaw as the new villain. He is the brother of the SAS villain defeated in the previous installment and is back for revenge and particularly, after Dom. At the same time, the team has to find him for retribution for killing Hans at the start of the film. All in all, Vin Diesel implied there is going to a lot of action and intrigue, for Fast and furious 7 reveals and is should be worth the wait.


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