Red Letter Society Releases New EP "Live Project" Today

Red Letter Society

Red Letter Society has just released their brand new EP Live Project today.  The record features three live worship songs that you can't help but sing along in worship with. 

"Worship leaders from multiple churches and campuses came together for a truly special night of worship! We are so excited release this collection of originals songs recorded live right in our own community!"

Red Letter Society is a collection of local worship leaders united in a passion to write songs for the Church. Following graduation from Bible school, a group of friends found themselves located in the same city. A weekly get together to sharpen music skills quickly turned into songwriting sessions and, later, Red Letter Society was born. While multiple members of the team serve in full-time ministry at their local churches, the band is motivated by a fervor to see the global Church continue to grow in the truth of God's Word and to surrender to His Lordship in their lives.  


1. Holy Spirit (We Are Yours) (Live)
2. Strongholds (Live)
3. Matthew 5 (Live) 

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