Dave Wellington Takes Us Deep in Worship with "We Adore You"

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English worship leader and songwriter Dave Wellington has released his new song "We Adore You."  This single is released via Homegrown Worship.  If you love the melodics sounds and classic feel of church hymns, this song is one that can you put on repeat in your favourite worship playlist.  "We Adore You" takes you into a deep time of adoration, worship and prayer.

Wellington talks about how this worship song came about: "Strangely this song started as a evening of noodling on my piano. Originally called Db (the key it was penned in - I mean, who writes in Db!!), I then found whenever I played or sang it my heart wanted to worship and adore the saviour.

I could see the great cloud of witnesses in agreement, and my spirit leapt within me. This was a sacred space and my heart was wide open to Jesus and the work of the Holy Spirit.

My mind went to Moses who on coming back from meeting God face to face, had to cover his own face with a veil - worshippers are marked with the visible glory of God - and that inspired me to sing all the more."



Dave Wellington has been involved in music as long as he can remember. - honing his skills in church, singing harmonies to the rich British hymnody and chorus tunes of his youth, later learning to play piano and guitar.

In 1997 the family moved to London and Wellington joined the staff at Kensington Temple, becoming Music Pastor for 17 years. His songs have been sung widely in the church itself, in its satellite churches, and at National and International conferences.

He now lives near Malvern and is a part of the ministry team at Cheltenham Elim, acting as the Worship Director & Minister. Married with three children, he's a musician, songwriter, and Jesus follower. 

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