Miami Heat Add Josh McRoberts & Danny Granger as Lebron James and Chris Bosh Stay Silent

Josh McRoberts
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Miami Heat Add Josh McRoberts & Danny Granger as Lebron James and Chris Bosh Stay Silent 

Danny Granger is the second player in a 24 hour period to be added to the Miami Heat roster. 

Obviously, everyone is waiting to see what decision Lebron James makes as well as Chris Bosh, but the Heat are trying to strengthen their roster in the mean time. Do these roster additions mean that James and Bosh aren't returning? Or are they meant to help give a strong roster to keep Lebron, only they know for now. 

Josh McRoberts was the first Heat addition as he came over from the Charlotte Bobcats. He will receive a four-year deal worth $23 million which includes an option to return to free agency entering the fourth season. McRoberts averaged 8.5 points, 4.8 rebounds and 4.3 assists per game last season.

"From Coach [Spoelstra] to [Heat executive] Andy Elisburg to Pat to ownership, they were all really excited about Josh," agent Mike Conley of BDA Sports said in a phone interview. "They all met with Josh, came out from day one with their offer and made it clear to us that Josh is who they want.

"It was probably the toughest decision he's ever had to make, but it could be a once-in-a-career opportunity for Josh to join a great team with a great player. They're looking at Josh coming in and being a major factor."

"There's now a huge appreciation around the league for how Josh plays," BDA founder Bill Duffy told "And this [move] may be the impetus for something bigger as the first player outside the Big Three that Miami has landed."

Earlier today, Danny Granger was the second name to be announced that he will sign with the Heat  with a two-year, $4.2 million deal. Granger was an All-Star player with the Indiana Pacers but has had his career slowed down by injuries. He was traded to the Los Angeles Clippers mid-season, which didn't seem to work out well with either the Pacers or the Clippers. Granger averaged 8.2 points and 3.2 rebounds per game last season. The Miami Heat are hoping that a healthy Danny Granger can get closer to his old self and really help the roster, starting or coming off of the bench, depending on who else rounds out the team. 

There is speculation that Chris Bosh will head to the Houston Rockets, which would give them a very strong line-up of Bosh, Dwight Howard, James Harden, Chandler Parsons and Jeremy Lin. 

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