Alison Ritch's "Heaven Holds" is Soaked with Honesty and Hope

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Singer and songwriter Alison Ritch has released her brand new record Heaven Holds. The album features 11 original self-written songs. Soaked with honesty and hope, Alison Ritch's heartfelt lyrics, satisfying melodies and harmonies, and angelic voice invite listeners to savor the beauty around them and look for the goodness hidden in unlikely places. 

Ritch describes her songwriting as personal. She writes: "My songwriting always comes from a very personal place. I'm a wife and mother passing on both brokenness and healing; I'm a friend walking with friends through dark valleys and wide-open pastures; I'm a nurse looking for the kindness of God in a world of fear, sickness, and death. I write about my family, my friends, and my doubts-all through the lens of my faith. In the midst of sorrow and brokenness, I wrestle often with seeing and choosing to believe in a triumphant goodness, a glorious end to every story. But I also delight in seeing the messy beauty that is everywhere, so much grace in plain sight if we have eyes to see it. Processing life through song is such a gift to me; it's my prayer that these songs are gifts to you as well.

I'm just a girl with a guitar. I can't play anything fancy. I'm used to playing my songs to a mostly empty living room. I can't express how thrilling it has been to hear my songs transformed by the talents of other musicians." 


1. Another Way
2. Breakdown
3. Slow Miracle
4. Little Bird
5. Heaven Holds
6. Highway
7. Some Things Can Last
8. Asheville
9. Comfort Me with Love
10. This Old Love
11. Made for Glory 

To purchase the new album, click here.

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