Nick Law Shares the Story Behind His New Song "Greater Treasure"

nick law

UK worship leader Nick Law has released his brand new song "Greater Treasure" via Homegown Worship. Formerly Worship Director of STC Sheffield and leader of the Worship Central Academy in the North of England, Law is now the Chief Song Selector for Homegrown Worship, working closely with artists from across the world to craft their material, and regularly leads worship at The Vine, Sheffield.

Law tells the story behind "Greater Treasure:"

"Since becoming a Christian in 2001, I had an overwhelming desire to be the next hit worship leader.   Naturally, over the course of time, the LORD had to knock me down a peg or two to keep me humble, smoothing off the rough edges.

I thought I'd dealt with many of my wayward wants by 2013 when first met Worship Pastor Aaron Keyes, an American best known for writing songs such as Sovereign Over Us and Song of Moses, at a conference we were both serving at.

Seeing Aaron faithfully devote his heart and life to following Jesus, hearing him speak and consume the scriptures, and disciple those around him with the heart of a father broke something within me.  

The desire for prominence, prestige and to have my name in lights next to my songwriting heroes in Christendom gave way to a nagging sense that I needed something deep-seated and real.

I started to have an overwhelming sense that I had merely been playing church for the past 12 years.  

As the Worship Director of a large church in the UK, I started to question the legitimacy of the role of a 'Worship Leader' and was trying to make sense of whether I was making a 'thing' out of something that wasn't actually a thing.

As I started to transition out of the megachurch to start a microbrewery (you can read about that here), I wrote 'Greater Treasure' as an honest reflection to the realisation that there is nothing of greater value and worth than to sit at the feet of Jesus and worship Him.

Ministry is a wonderful thing. However, I am sad to say that I had made worship leading the be-all and end-all of my life. Those around me suffered as a result of my tunnelled vision and clutching and clawing for success within the church.

Being out of the frame for the past several years has taught me many things.  Jesus longs for our worship to be costly, sacrificial of our dreams and desires, and reckless in our abandon.

To sit at His feet and love Him is of greater worth than sharing a platform with the great and the good from the CCLI Top 25.  And I am glad to say, these days, I'm fine with simply sharing the songs that God has given me as an act of simple devotion without the need to be the next Matt Redman."



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