Hillsong's Worship Leader, Chelsea Taylor, Suffers a Brain Aneurysm

Chelsea Taylor

Chelsea Taylor, a worship leader of Hillsong church, suffered a brain aneurysm.  She was then brought to the hospital for a nine-hour surgery.  Taylor fell sick soon after leading worship at the megachurch's Sydney campus last Sunday. 

The entire church with campuses all across the globe is praying for Taylor. "...from Costa Rica to Sydney, Melbourne to France, Redding to sanfransisco we have been praying - this morning we gathered in the creative west wing as a creative team and al hills campus team and we received communion, worshipped and prayed for chels." 

In a statement posted to Instagram, Hillsong has updated us on Taylor's condition: "She has just come through a 9 hour brain surgery and we are believing for no more bleeds complete healing and miracles in Jesus name - we are not out of the woods by any means - tonight she is in ICU but we believe in Jesus, his resurrection power and for hope to appear (@zellataylor and all your family we are on your team )."

Taylor will be in the ICU for at least three weeks, but is still seeking prayers as she recovers. Her mother wrote, "She told me she thought she thought she had died and as I spoke the Word over her she smiled and nodded! THIS IS A MIRACLE. Our God is wonderful." 

Hillsong's global creative director Cass Langton responds: "Honestly this is a miracle! The comment was said to me, the doctors aren't saying anything! Praise our faithful God... She walked into church Sunday morning in her white sneakers! I am taking them into her room today as A declaration of Faith that she is going to walk out of this hospital 100 percent healed in Jesus mighty name. I just told her the whole church is praying and fasting all over the world and she smiled and said thanks mum." 

Fellow worship leader Brooke Ligertwood explains, "Please pray for Chelsea, one of our beloved Sydney team. This is her leading worship at church on Sunday-she was rushed to hospital shortly afterwards, has since come through a major surgery and needs our prayer. This girl is very dear to our hearts." 

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