Mary Kassian Offers Help for Women in Avoiding Pitfalls with New Book

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Walking through Paul's description in 2 Timothy of the weak women of the church at Ephesus, award winning author and international speaker Mary Kassian reveals common traps that can steal a woman's strength and shares how women can take steps to become the strong women God made them to be in her new book The Right Kind of Strong: Surprisingly Simple Habits of Spiritually Strong Women (Jul. 30, 2019; ISBN 9781400209835; $17.99).

The world teaches women how to be strong-but not always strong in the right kind of way. Written out of Kassian's own personal experience, The Right Kind of Strong explores the Bible's definition of strength and contrasts it to the picture the world paints. "The more I read the bible, the more it challenged my idea about what it truly meant to be strong," Kassian says. "I was strong enough to demand my rights, yet not strong enough to relinquish them." As she has studied what the Scriptures say on the topic of strength, Mary Kassian has discovered a deeper and far more profound kind of strength - the kind that allows her to trust God in all circumstances and embrace humility and obedience.

With practical examples, solid Biblical application, and real-life stories, Kassian breaks down the seven keys to side-stepping the traps that can sap a woman's strength: catching the creeps, mastering your mind, ditching your baggage, engaging your emotions, walking the talk, standing your ground, and admitting your need. For the most part, Kassian explains, these habits are "small correctives to attitudes and ways of thinking that won't take much energy to implement." However, these simple yet profound changes allow wise women to reject the wrong kind of strong and embrace the kind of strength that Jesus modeled - the kind of strength than enables her to lay down her own life and seek God's glory over her own. For more information about The Right Kind of Strong, please contact Shea Nolan, PO Box 141000 Nashville TN, 37214 tel: 800.251.4000 web:

Mary A. Kassian is a Word Guild award-winning author and international speaker. She has published several books and Bible studies, including Girls Gone Wise, Conversation Peace, and True Woman 101. Mary is a popular conference speaker at women's events such as Revive and True Woman. She has appeared on numerous radio and television shows such as Focus on the Family and Life Today. She has also taught cluster courses at Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, where she was recognized as distinguished professor of women's studies. Mary and her family reside in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.



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