5ive Speaks About Overcoming His Drug Addiction & How God Lead Him to Record His New Album


Acclaimed rap/hip-hop recording artist 5ive has released his brand new album Family Business. Produced by 5ive and SPEC (Flame, V.Rose), the 14-song set chronicles 5ive's past struggles with drug addiction and his miraculous redemption. The project also marks the debut release from True Breed Records, Nashville Label Group's new hip-hop imprint helmed by Seventh Day Slumber frontman Joseph Rojas.

Steeped in themes of unity and love, Family Business showcases features from such names as V.Rose, SPEC, Datin, J. Carter, Drew Weeks, MH Eternal and Je'kob, as well as5ive's 13-year-old son Kyren Cyrill, among others. Anchored by the title-cut, which features SPEC and J. Carter and is a nod to Jesus' words to his parents in Luke 2:49-"Did you not know that I must be about my Father's business?"-Family Business is additionally highlighted by "Lead The Way (feat. Drew Weeks)," an autobiographical track of surrender to God's calling; "Ain't Worried (feat. Datin & V.Rose)," a playful, creative look at daily anxiety; and "No Rings (feat. Plain James)," which will also be 5ive's next music video. 

Q:  Thank you for doing this interview with us.  Let's start with your name, what's the meaning of 5ive? 

Thank you guys for interviewing me, it means more than you know. 

When I was saved, I literally heard the Lord say, "Show the world My grace." I was going to call myself "Grace," but my wife was like, "I don't think you want to travel the world as a grown man being called Grace." Ha ha! The very next day, I heard our pastor speak about how the biblical number for grace and favor is five. So I took the "5" and added i - v - e to it and that stands for "Grace Is Victory Everlasting."  

Q:  I believe you had a rough childhood that led you to drug addiction.  How and why did you become addicted to drugs?

I think it was really just me trying to find my identity as a man growing up without a father. I started smoking weed with older kids when I was 10, and honestly during my childhood and teenage years the people I felt the most love from were the older guys who sold and used drugs. 

Q:  How were delivered from your addiction?

 I was instantly delivered from a 10-year meth and crack cocaine addiction on November 7th, 2010, at the altar in my home church in Earth, Texas. I had been up for seven days on meth and all night prior I'd smoked crack cocaine. I have been free since that day when the Lord healed me. No 12-step program, no rehab, no withdrawals and no relapses. Just Jesus! 

Q:  Did you come to know Christ after being released from your addiction?

Jesus delivered me and told me to show the world His grace. I take that job very seriously. I can't help but tell someone about Him. 

Q:  Congratulation on your new album, why did you call it "Family Business"?

Honestly, I just like to make good music with people who love the Lord! I feel like there isn't enough of that in Christian music, it's more about "me, me, me" when it should be about "us." There is only one Bride, one Church, and it belongs to one Christ. We are family regardless of race, denomination or gender and it's time we act like it.  

Q:  What were some of the highlights in the making of this album?

Just being in the presence of God. Also, the fact that I got to create a song with my son Kyren, that was awesome! 

Q:  One of the joys of the album for you must be to have your son sing with you on the album.  Tell us more about your son and his involvement in the project.

He wrote "This I Know" right before he turned 12 and I liked it so much I told him I wanted to put it on my album. He was super excited, as was I. He is working on his debut EP, and I'm just so proud to be his dad. 

Q:   How do you wish the songs on this album would impact the lives of your listeners?

I pray that it really turns people's hearts back to God. I hope these songs help people know they are never alone and there is always hope found in Jesus Christ. I also pray that it encourages the believer to be more unashamed and bolder with the Gospel.  



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