The Talleys On the Value of Hymn Singing & their New Album of Hymns


On their latest album Hymns Of The Faith, veteran Gospel group, The Talleys, take the beauty and simplicity of well-known hymns and enhance them with vocal talent and sincerity. By honoring the hymns' original character, one of Christian music's most beloved families has created a powerful collection sure to inspire reverent worship and prayerful reflection, even outside of church walls.

The Talleys deliver familiar, meaningful messages, allowing listeners to find comfort in the words of favorite hymns like "Shout To The Lord / How Great Thou Art," "Great Is Thy Faithfulness," and "I Love To Tell The Story / Blessed Assurance." The group's harmonies shine on a cappella versions of other well-known hymns like "Oh Glorious Love," "I Will Sing Of My Redeemer," "Pass Me Not," "When Jesus Breaks The Morning," and "Be Still My Soul."

To further elaborate on the importance of hymns and this new album, we are honored to catch up with Debra Talley for this exclusive interview.

Q:  Thanks for doing this interview with us.  Why did you decide to release a hymns album "Hymns of Faith"?

We realized that during our career we had incorporated many hymns in our concerts and on various cds, but we hadn't specifically done a hymns project. Many people ask for an all hymns album so it seemed like the time to release a hymns cd. 

Q:  There are so many hymns to record.  What do you look out for in a good hymn to record? 

In choosing hymns to record, our process is simply to choose the hymns that mean the most to us. Having grown up on mostly hymns, we had a huge selection and a hard time choosing. There were some that I didn't know until I was older. They weren't in the hymnal we used. Singing in many 

Q:  What's the value of hymns and hymn singing today?

 Many of the hymns were, in a way, testimonies set to music. The lyrics were born out of despair, tragedy, longing, also joy and triumph. But, all written to encourage the listener and glorify God. The human experience hasn't changed for centuries, so I believe we still need these songs to remind us that we are all in need of a Savior and God is still who He says He is. 

Q:  How has a hymn helped you in your personal walk with the Lord?  Can you recall a hymn that had helped you?

Hymns have helped me in my personal journey. Again, having grown up on the hymns they are ingrained in my spirit. During difficult times, the lyrics of different songs will come to mind and I'm encouraged and uplifted. I have so many that I love but, Be Still My Soul especially speaks to me. This is a stressed out and frazzled world and I fall victim to it more times than not. So inspired music is a lifeline.  

Q:  Many churches have the worship wars between contemporary worship and hymns.  What's your take on this issue?

It's true we see the struggle between hymns and worship music. I believe the two can work together as so many churches are doing. We recorded an album a few years ago and married the two in several medleys. As long as the songs uplift the church and glorify God, they don't need to be musically exclusive. After all, how many times has Amazing Grace been sung and recorded by gospel and secular artists. It's the lyrics! 

Q:  Besides this hymns album, what's next for the Talleys?  Are you recording or working on a new record now?

The Talleys are always looking for great music, but no set plans at this time for recording.  

Q:  If there's a hymn you wish you had written, which would it be? And why? 

I think the hymn, "When I Survey The Wondrous Cross," is one of the most beautiful lyrics ever written. I would love to have written such a self examination of a divine encounter that left the writer in awe. The poetic majesty of that hymn is inspiring and moving.  

Hymns Of The Faith will be available April 26 from Horizon Records. Pre-order it HERE

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