Zoe & Cloyd Release New Single "Looking Out for You and Me"

Zoe & Cloyd

 Bluegrass has a history of songs that caution against profit over the value of human lives and make note of the consequences - think Jim & Jesse's recording of "Paradise," or recent IBMA Hall of Fame inductee Hazel Dickens' "Black Lung." These ballads of warning, and sometimes of protest, can act as cautionary, thought-provoking tales that fit well into the heritage of bluegrass, folk and American roots music.

Roots duo Zoe & Cloyd's "Looking Out for You and Me" continues this tradition.

This Asheville, NC-based group's first single from their yet to be released album from Organic Records is hard-driving, traditional bluegrass with a message modernized for the times. 

Illustrating today's issues of change and how that change affects us, this song warns against allowing self-interest and short-term gain to take precedence over the well-being of future generations. Husband and wife artists Zoe (Natalya Weinstein) and Cloyd (John Miller) blend their long-crafted folk harmonies with fellow bandmates Kevin Kehrberg on bass and Bennett Sullivanon banjo. The tight musicianship, great flatpicking and impassioned message introduce Zoe & Cloyd to an even larger audience beyond their steadily growing fanbase.

The song was written by Miller, who says, "'Looking Out For You And Me' asks us to look critically at the ones making decisions related to our collective well-being and that of future generations."

Coupled with the message, the authentic bluegrass sound of "Looking Out For You And Me" demonstrates this duo's deep connections to the hills and hollers from which this music came.

Listen to "Looking Out For You And Me" HERE

About Zoe & Cloyd
Zoe & Cloyd spring from deep roots in American music. Founding members of the acclaimed Americana trio, Red June, and long-time veterans of the Asheville, NC music scene, Natalya Zoe Weinstein and John Cloyd Miller released their second full-length album, Eyes Brand New, in spring of 2017. Highlighting their emotive songwriting and signature harmonies, this album showcased the breadth of their collective musical spirit, seamlessly combining original folk, country, old-time and bluegrass with sincerity and zeal. Zoe & Cloyd's debut recording, Equinox (2015), was met with high acclaim and the pair has continued to gain momentum with a 1st place win at the prestigious FreshGrass Festival Duo Contest along with performances at MerleFest, Music City Roots and more.



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