Mats Dernánd Releases 'She's Called Grace'

Mats Dernánd

Swedish singer/songwriter, keyboardist, and harmonica player Mats Dernánd has released his latest single 'She's Called Grace'. "In order to try and explains the mystery of God's grace, it hit me that God's grace is like a person (Grace) who visits you every morning, whispers forgiveness into your ear while you're still asleep", explains Mats.

Mats Dernánd is a musical multi-trader who has been playing music for a long time, both inside and outside the church. Over the past two years, his music has gained extra speed. Despite the Christian message, his previous song 'Solid Ground' was one of Swedish Radio P4's most played songs by a local artist in 2018. And with the new song 'She's called Grace', Mats is now aiming higher. 

"I both believe and hope that it has the potential to reach beyond any of my previous songs", says Mats. The background to the song is conversation with non-believers about what grace really means. Mats Dernánd's will to explain the mystery of grace led to this new song. 

"It was when I changed the original title 'It's called Grace' to 'She's called Grace' that it lifted. I chose to describe the grace as a person whispering forgiveness in your ear before waking up. As the sun rises and a new day is born, we also become new creations through grace." 

The song is an optimistic, captivating and ever-growing song in the soft rock genre. There is also a much quieter acoustic version, where Mats Dernánd is accompanied by Cornelia Sander. "I wanted to make an acoustic version, in which the text really appears. Cornelia is a fantastic singer who makes the whole song lift."

She's Called Grace
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