Paul Wilbur Seeks Help to Make "Roar from Zion"

Paul Wilbur

Veteran worship leader Paul Wilbur will be releasing his new live album "Roar from Zion."  The album will be recorded live in Jerusalem, these new worship songs will call to mind God's promises to Israel.  You can help Wilbur in releasing this new project by offering your financial support.

This will be Wilbur's first independently released CD after being with Integrity Music for the last 27 years.  This new recording will include the worship and voices of Shae Wilbur, Sarah Liberman, Joshua Aaron, Jamie Hilsden, Becka Shae, and an Israeli choir of millennial Jewish, Arab and Christian believers. Also, there will be several Israeli instrumentalists and the finest Nashville musicians.

CBN will partnering with Wilbur for the video capture and broadcast. They plan to produce DVDs and CDs of the performances, possibly including a night on the TBN balcony overlooking the Temple Mount and the Mount of Olives. Wilbur will be taking a tour group to help celebrate not only the 70th birthday of the State of Israel but also the SPIRITUAL REBIRTH of Israel. 

Wilbur together with Darlene Zschech and the Hillsong team, Don Moen, Robin Mark, Marty Nystrom among many others, were part of the panoply of artists that emerged from Integrity Music's Hosanna Series.  Ever since his Integrity Music debut, "Up to Zion," Wilbur has sold 6 million records including "The Watchman," ""Jerusalem Arise," "Shalom Jerusalem" and "Lion of Judah."  Further, with albums recorded in a whooping 6 different languages, Wilbur's music knows no cultural and linguistic bounds.     

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