Author Bob Fabey Challenges Us to See Jesus as He Really Was

Bob Fabey

Everyone claims to know something about Jesus. But they are likely incomplete. Jesus was judgmental! He called people names and made fun of others. If you don't know him this way, you should. Understanding who he is- and who he isn't - is key to knowing ourselves and how we are to live.

Bob Fabey's new book NOT MY JESUS is a humorous, yet poignant look at faith, culture and life. Using everything from movies to Tweets, Fabey helps us to thank about how we view Jesus the strengths and weaknesses of each approach, and how we are called to live.

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Q:  Congratulations on your new book, in a few sentences what is your new book about?

Thanks so much for reaching out to me. My book is about how people like to use Jesus for their arguments in the different spheres of life. Whether it is politics, social agendas or lifestyle issues, Jesus was really clear about what He was about, and He was clear about what we are to be doing. I think we get that twisted.

Q:  How do people normally see Jesus and why are these views wrong?

In the book, I reference the prayer in the movie, Talladega Nights. Each person at the table has a view of Jesus they like, a baby, a man, a lead singer, a ninja fighter. People want Jesus to support them and to be like them in some way. You will see what I call the Northern European Jesus, blonde haired, blue eyed, gazing into the heavens represented in painting but that works its way into people's minds. Many believe He was just about love and He was lovely. However, that isn't a complete picture. He was quick to judge and set people straight as well. Most don't have that view in mind when they think of Jesus.

Q:  How then do you see Jesus?

I primarily see Jesus as a first century Jewish Messiah. I work hard to locate Him in His historical context (I'm a history major) and within the scope of His work. That being said, He is the Alpha, Omega, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Holding those two dynamics together can be difficult.

Q:  Why is it important to have the right view of Jesus?  How does this affect how we live?

With an imbalanced view of Jesus, people live partial lives. Some think they have Him all figured out and package Him nice and tidy. Others try to make up for what Jesus missed. Some opt for holiness and lose impact. Have a right view of Jesus gives us the freedom to be balanced in our approach, our hearts and hands fully engaged in Christ and in the world. 

Q:  How will this book help us in our walk with the Lord? 

I hope my readers will be willing to examine how they look at Jesus. If they take it seriously, it can change how they engage the world. If there is a disconnect between the two, it will bring them together for Christ's purposes.

Q:  The book cover art is indeed very eye-catching.  What are you trying to convey through the book cover?

Image result for NOT MY JESUS bob fabey 

The cover represents the many ways people look at Jesus. They think He is cool, or trendy, political or just like them. It is interesting to see how people react to it. It can reveal more about their understanding of Jesus than they know.

Q:  Personally, how has this Jesus changed your life?  Give us a story from your own life where Jesus has changed you. 

Where to begin? It is so hard to pick just one story. I feel like He is continually shaping me into His image through big and little experiences.

Perhaps the most pertinent is when I rededicated my life to Him in college. I had labored for some time to be a 'good Christian' but continually fell short. I knew some Christians but was afraid to become like 'them.' They seemed nice but socially awkward and if I'm honest, a bit nerdy. I didn't know if God wanted me to speak in tongues, become a monk or look like them. After attending a seminar on the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of a Christian I knew I needed to surrender.  It is a bit more dramatic than what I am detailing here, but I cried out to God in desperation. I surrendered to Him and His will for me, even if He made me one of those nerdy Christians! I guess you could say Jesus changes me be calling for my surrender in each area of my life. Knowing Jesus this way, not as a distant landlord changes me every day.



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