Rhonda Vincent Shares Her Thoughts on the New Fanny Crosby Project

Rhonda Vincent

StowTown Records have just released a historic project, Fanny Crosby: Newly Discovered Hymns & Songs. Fanny Crosby is an iconic part of the fabric of faith in America, penning over 8,000 hymns and gospel songs. These classics of the church include "Blessed Assurance," "Pass Me Not, O Gentle Saviour," "I Am Thine, O Lord," "Tell Me the Story of Jesus," among others.

Recently, a treasure trove of unfinished and unpublished works was found by Stephen Kelley (associate producer) at Wheaton College. This discovery gave Wayne Haun (producer/StowTown co-owner) an idea - to finish these lyrics with some of today's top writers and give life to these songs with performances by 15 of today's top artists in inspirational, bluegrass and gospel music.
Along with Crosby, additional writers on this project include Sue C. Smith, Marcia Henry, Rachel McCutcheon, Val Dacus, Dianne Wilkinson, Melissa Brady, Jim Brady, Lee Black, Don Poythress, Jeff Bumgardner, Joel Lindsey, Scott Inman, Tim Lovelace, Randall Garland and Wayne Haun.
Fanny Crosby: Newly Discovered Hymns & Songs is available at your local Christian retailer and on iTunes, Amazon and other digital outlets as well as Christian Book Distributors here.

We are honored to be able to chat with bluegrass songstress Rhonda Vincent who also contributed to the project.

Q:  Rhonda, thanks for doing this interview with us.  It's such a delight to hear you on the new Fanny Crosby project.  How did you first get involved with it?

I was invited by my friend Lizzy Long.  She invited my daughter Sally and I to sing with her. We always have fun together, so we were thrilled to be included in this project. 

Q: On the album, you got to sing with Lizzy Long and Sally Berry. Did all of you record the song together?  What was the recording like?

We were all in the studio together, though we recorded each of our parts separately; it was wonderful to be there together, and  encourage each other. 

Q:  Talk to us about the song "Beside the Cross." What's the song about?  And what was your reaction when you first heard it?

The first time I heard it was just before I sang it; but I really love the song. Sally and I look forward to performing it with Lizzy at the first opportunity. 

Q: Speaking of the cross, how did Jesus and his cross first impacted your life?

I grew up in church. I think when you are a child, you are learning through your family about the cross and how Jesus died for our sins.  I am so thankful I was able to attend church with my Mom, Dad, grandpa Bill, grandma Erma, and one of the greatest displays of the love of God and reading the Word, my great-grandma Ethel Suiter.  She read her bible every day; and was one of the best examples of living a Godly life.  

Q:  I know you have had recorded many Gospel songs and even a few Christian music albums before, will you be recording another new one in the near future?

My gospel project continues to be one of our best selling projects, even years later.  I will certainly be recording more gospel projects in the future.  



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