Hillsong Worship vs Kylie Minogue: Who will be #1?


Church worship team Hillsong Worship and pop songstress Kylie Minogue are both battling for the #1 position on the Australian ARIA chart.  Both acts are Australians and both of them have huge fan bases in their homeland.  Now both of them have brand new albums released in the same week battling for the #1 crown. Kylie's "Golden" currently sits at #1 on the Australian itunes chart with Hillsong's "There is More."

Yet, the comparsions do not stop there. "Golden" marks Kylie's 30th anniversary in the music business while "There is More" landmarks the Aussie megachurch's 30th year in ministry.  "There Is More's" physical albums come with a bonus book of Scriptures, while Kylie's "Golden" is available to purchase as a rare golden glitter cassette tape.

Kylie has sold over 80 million records worldwide and achieved fifteen top 10 albums and ten number one singles locally. Likewise, the church has enjoyed the number one ARIA chart spot for their albums three times in Australia. 

"Golden," which is Kylie's 14th album, is available for streaming plus in regular and deluxe CD format, which includes bonus tracks, and two different vinyl releases. While "There Is More," the church's 26th musical collection, is available on streaming platforms with physical copies available from the church's website.










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