YB Debuts Anticipated Album 'God Still Has Soldiers 2'


Christian hip-hop artist YB debuts highly anticipated album God Still Has Soldiers 2 featuring the standout singles, "Fire Emoji" and "Love Cost" stream it now on Spotify and Apple Music. 

God Still Has Soldiers 2 follows the release of the video for "Fire Emoji," which also serves as the first track. When asked about the song, YB said, ""Fire Emoji" is the opening song on the record. It sets the tone for the entire album. I wanted the song to grab the listener. I believe it did just that." Rapping over a fiery trap beat and sampled vocals recalling the haunting "O Fortuna," "Fire Emoji" makes its impact. YB counts his presence as a rapper not out of luck but Christ-breathed. "Surrendered to Christ, gave up my life, He covered the bill. Leading a generation back to the Father, I'm gon' do this till I die, I know what permanent is." 

The album is a follow up to the EP that dropped in 2016. YB is more candid on God Still Has Soldiers 2. He bares his soul on tracks like "Lose It All" and "Expressions." He also shares a special moment with his wife and daughter on "God's Gift (Interlude)." The ten-track album also features "Rearview Mirror" and "Love Cost," two songs that flaunt his lyrical prowess while staying true to his mission. 

In an interview with Jam the Hype, YB explains the album as a whole. "The heartbeat of the record is to remind us of who we are. We are the people who don't give up. We are the ones who keep believing. We are called. We are purposed. We don't stop fighting. On this battlefield of life we are soldiers." 

YB has fulfilled his purpose with God Still Has Soldiers 2. The album is available now on all major streaming services.

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