Mark Bishop Returns with "A Different Light" Feb 23

Mark Bishop

Mark Bishop to Unveil  A Different Light February 23rd. With 16 recorded projects to his credit including multiple #1 songs, the prolific Gospel  songwriter, and performer,  Mark Bishop returns with  A Different Light.

Known as an artist who honestly portrays himself and his faith through self-authored work, Bishop shares new stories in this 11 song collection. The result is an eclectic, wideranging album that focuses on themes of faith and refuge, struggle and growth.

The first single, "The  Refrigerator Door" releases December 15th. It's a quirky title, but the nostalgic song gives a mental picture of how God's love can be found in the smallest things in life, and that He speaks to us in unconventional ways.

Other Highlights: "God is Powerful" is just that, powerful both in message and music with its penetrating energy, choir-backed chorus and affirming lyrics.

"Fly, Fly Away Little Birdy" is simple, folky and slightly  bittersweet. This one is for  parents who feel "I miss when you were little, but I'm proud of who you are growing to be."

"I'm In Good Hands" is a tender song that provides the same sweet comfort as a reading of Psalm 23. 

Together with producer Jeff Collins, Mark allows the music he composes to fit the message of the song. By applying the colors of his past musical efforts, Bishop achieves a vibrant new work. He has the ability to show listeners a timeless message in A Different Light. 


More Than Enough   

I'm in Good Hands 

Finish Well, Finish Strong,  Finish Empty     

He's Always Been a Friend  feat. Kenneth Bishop   

God Is Powerful     

The Refrigerator Door 

What It Comes Down to Is Me  

Tell Me You Saw Me 

Couldn't Feel Any Better  feat. Chris Freeman 

Fly, Fly Away Little Birdie

I'm Gonna Wish I Had 

Worried Less

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