Apple Decides to Stay Away from Violence and Nudity in its New TV Shows

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Exclusive original content may be the ideal way to appeal to customers, particularly with the likes of Netflix. However, competitor Apple has officially announced that the most popular shows, such as “The Walking Dead” and “Game of Thrones,” will not be their best bet. Rather, the company has decided to avoid showing content that includes violence, nudity, and harsh language.

According to Bloomberg, Apple aims to focus on mild, family-friendly shows touching on the comedy and drama genres, but do not necessarily delve deep into any single niche.

Apple’s plans for its original content may not be what many in Hollywood have planned, as Bloomberg noted. While certain producers have deemed the Cupertino company as “too picky,” the decision to filter out content may not be that surprising for people familiar with Apple as the multinational technology company has made huge success for being choosy about its products and their release dates.

"The company plans to release the first few projects to everyone with an Apple device, potentially via its TV app, and top executives don’t want kids catching a stray nipple. Every show must be suitable for an Apple Store,” Bloomberg reported. “People pitching edgier fare, such as an eight-part program produced by Gravity filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón and starring Casey Affleck, have been told as much."

While such move may be deemed conservative in the modern television landscape, Recode pointed out that this could be a wise move from Apple. Other major streaming services including HBO and Netflix have already been going through major competition in terms of shows that feature violence, nudity, and harsh language.

Taking these into consideration, it is expected that the Apple streaming service could draw more attention to “edgier and more graphic programming” and avoid making any offenses at the same time as it expands into the entertainment industry.

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