Tim Timmons Talks About How Kids Can Pray All Day with the Release of New Album

Tim Timmons

Singer/songwriter, worship leader and record producer Tim Timmons independently releases his second children's project, Who I Am, Sept.22. Presented by 10,000 MINUTES Kids, this new recording features 10 fully-charged pop songs intended for kids and parents to "pray all week long." Both "kid-tested" and "parent- approved," this energetic Bible-based debut came about as a result of Timmons' 10,000 MINUTES Movement and his personal life story. 

Hallels:  Tim, thank you for doing this interview with us.  You have a burden for children to value God and his word.  How did that passion start? 

I don't typically do kid's music, but I have a bunch of kids myself. And, I was one once. I grew up with an understanding about Jesus, but I want to help kids know Jesus. The songs I grew up singing still help me in my adult life. I wanted to help create new prayers for kids.  

Hallels:  Tell us more about the 10,000 Minute Movement. 

There are 10,080 minutes in a week, 80 of those are in a church gathering, typically on Sunday morning, which leaves 10,000 other minutes. What would it look like if we, as Jesus people, practiced his principles and teachings all week long? At the end of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said that whoever hears my words and puts them into action all week is wise, and if you don't you're a fool...And I've been a fool for most of the 10,000 minute portions of my life. So, for the past 7 years, our community has been intentionally putting Jesus's words into practice, and I'm changing because of it. 10000 MINUTES is there to help people practice Jesus all week long through a blog, podcast, music, and upcoming app. All info can be found at 

Hallels: What are some of the reasons why parents and kids don't spend time with God?  

I think at the heart of it, we don't ultimately believe anything is going to change, even if we don't want to say that out loud. I did my devotion every day for years, and I knew all about Jesus, I just didn't know Him. Now, I'm more trying to hang out with Jesus all throughout my week, instead of just these short devotion times.  

Hallels:  How does this 10,000 Minute Movement and your new album help kids spend time with God? 

I view songs more like prayers that are sung, all day long. The hard points in life don't usually happen in the 80 minutes when we're gathered, but they happen in the rest of the 10000 minutes of the week. My hope with these songs is that they give kids prayers to pray all day long, that help them walk with Jesus.  

Hallels:  Is this album for parents?  And bigger kids like us adults? 

Yes, yes, and yes! The tag line for this record is kid tested, parent approved because usually kiddie music drives me crazy as a parent. I thought if I could write songs with powerful invitations that parents could also enjoy, it would be a win, win. And hopefully, parents would thank me :)  

Hallels:  In your press release, you spoke of the need to not "do church," but "be the church"?  What's the difference?  And how can we be the church? 

Church is not a place you can go or a thing you can do, according to the Bible. Church is who we are gathered and scattered in the name, power and authority of Jesus, all week long. So when my kids ask me, "Are we going to church, Daddy?" I say, "No son, you can't go to church. You are the church! You have the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead in you, all week long!" I want our kids to grow up knowing who they are versus where they go on Sundays.  

Hallels:  How is making a children's album different relative to your normal records? 

Part of what makes a good song a good song, is the hooks that stay with you day and night. And then, great lyrical content to back it up. The lyric of these songs may be simpler than my normal records, but the invitations are the same. My dad always says, "If you can't explain something to a 3rd grader, you don't understand it." So, this is a good practice for me to explain who we are in Jesus.    

Hallels:  The title of your new album is "Who I Am," who is Tim Timmons? 

My identity is not in being a cancer patient, song writer, performer, father, and husband. I am loved by God no matter what I do, say, or think. There's no way for me to earn more or subtract that love. That's who I am.  



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