Actress Louise Dylan Talks About the Values Behind New Movie "Trust Fund"

Trust Fund

The family drama TRUST FUND, starring Jessica Rothe ("La La Land"), Kevin Kilner ("House of Cards"), Ana Ortiz ("Devious Maids"), Willie Garson ("Sex in the City") and Rose Abdoo ("Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life") is coming out on DVD and HD Digital on July 18.  

Written and directed by Sandra L. Martin and produced by Isaac Alongi, TRUST FUND tells the story of Reese Donahue (Jessica Rothe) a young aspiring writer from Chicago. She's spent her whole life working hard to keep from working; living the life everyone wishes they had. Until she discovers the secret that forces her to choose between the predestined life that she knows so well and what appears to be the destiny her mother wanted her to have. She's lured into betraying her father and chasing after a life she dreams is better than the one she already has. When Reese returns home with nothing but regret, the forgiveness of her father teaches her what it means to love. 

We are honored to talk to actress Louise Dylan for this exclusive interview. In addition to TRUST FUND, Dylan is known for her roles in Vampire Killers (2009) and Beat Girl(2013)

Louise, thank you for doing this interview with us.  Congratulations on the forthcoming release of "Trust Fund."  Briefly in your own words, what's the movie about?

Thank you. 'Trust Fund' is the story of a young, ambitious woman who, having been sheltered all her life, desperately craves independence and the freedom to find her own voice. Unfortunately, her need to prove herself outweighs her concern for those around her and she loses sight of what's most important to her: family. Luckily, they're there to remind her.

What attracted you to this movie initially?

My family is very important to me and they've always been very supportive of me - even when I haven't been able to reciprocate. I identified with the level of connectivity and encouragement that's so important to the Donahue family. 

What role did you play in the movie?

I play Audrey Donahue, Reese's responsible and hard-working, older sister. Audrey invests a little too much time and energy into the family business and becomes somewhat short-sighted where her little sister's needs are concerned. She learns a few tough lessons along the way!

What did you enjoy most in the making of this movie? 

We had a lot of fun making this film. I think it was one of the friendliest sets I've been on and I really enjoyed working with everyone. I also enjoyed exploring the comedic elements of the character. Audrey is very disciplined and controlled but she has a certain weakness for chocolate - she's definitely an emotional eater! It was a lot of fun to play around with that when she starts to let go. 

This is your fifth feature film, does acting come easy for you?  What are still some challenges you face in acting?

I find that each project I work on helps me to grow as an artist. Since leaving drama school, I've found that either the rehearsal room or the set become the place to practice and hone my skills. Each new story and character come with a set of circumstances that require your full attention and commitment and while that's exciting, it can be a little daunting. You want to be able to embrace each character for who they appear to be while also delving under their skin. Audrey was particularly challenging since she can be pretty cold and insensitive sometimes. Deep down she's a softy and that's what made me like her. She struggles with expressing her emotions, especially when they make her feel vulnerable but she ends up making a lot of progress.

For our readers who have not watched this film yet, why is this movie an important one to watch?  

In Reese's journey through self-discovery, and also Audrey's to an extent, there's a great lesson in the practise of balance. They're both learning how to value and respect themselves as individuals while also finding their places within the family unit and society as a whole. It's challenging for both of them but they eventually learn to balance self-respect with the ability to care for and support those around them. 

How will this film impact the lives of those who watched it?  

I would hope for people to see an example of a family that manages to practice empathy and forgiveness and in doing so finds strength in their kindness. I think it's important to foster those qualities and the characters in this film are certainly striving to do so.

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