Pioneer Releases the Rick Ross Inspired New Single & Video "Tears of Joy"


Pioneer and Decarlos Waller collaborate on the single & video, "Tears of Joy."  You can watch the video below and the single is now available for purchase at iTunes.

When asked about the inspiration for the track, Pioneer shared: "I was inspired by the Rick Ross song entitled "Tears of Joy". I wanted to put my spin on it and talk about how my hope in Christ is the source of joy in my life. Ultimately, it is not the material things that satisfy us. Our hearts crave something more to be truly fulfilled. Throughout the ups and downs of life it's easy to lose sight of how God always watches over us. When I think about how good He has been to me, it is easy for me to cry tears of joy."

"The track was produced and mixed by Decarlos Waller of Cossound productions. He's also featured on the hook. The creation of the single was definitely a labor of love. I'm hoping that it encourages and edifies the people who hear it." 

Pioneer was born and raised in the Chicago land area of Illinois. Today, he is an emerging artist in the Christian hip-hop scene with a passion to reach this generation with the message of the gospel.  His first album entitled "I Just Wanna Bless U" was independently released in 2013 to positive reviews.  As Pioneer prepares for the release of his upcoming EP entitled "The Renaissance" he hopes to engage the culture with his unique sound and multifaceted approach to music and media.

Born in a Christian household, Pioneer was introduced to the faith at an early age. It would be later in his college years that he would actively grow in his relationship with God and begin to form the foundation for his future ministry.  As a student at Valor Christian College, he rediscovered his childhood passion for rapping while being apart a local hip-hop group entitled "Peculiar People". As a member of this collective, Pioneer not only honed his abilities as a rapper but developed a desire to see God glorified in his music.

In addition to writing, recording and co-producing his own music projects, Pioneer founded Integrity Vision Media in 2014 to further impact the realm of music and media.  He has a bachelor's degree in communications from Minot State University and a degree in Pastoral Studies from Valor Christian College. With a unique perspective and artistic expression, Pioneer hopes to use his platform to change the way people see the world and ultimately point them to a hope in Christ.

"Tears of Joy" is also available at iTunes

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