Daystar Worship “Light Will Find” EP Review

Daystar Worship

Prime Cuts:  Light Will Find, Let Your Glory Shine, Nothing Compares

Overall Score: 4/5

It's become a trend these days that churches of some considerable size would want their worship teams to release their own music.  And it's even trendier now that record companies are just as keen to make these records available as it is easier to meet budget if a large swath of members from these megachurches would each purchase a copy. As a result, the quality of worship music plummets.  Just because a church is huge doesn't automatically means that their music is anointed or even inspired.  Daystar Worship is one of those exceptions to the rule.  Here, Daystar Worship double up on the intensity of worship that you can't help but feel the move of the Holy Spirit as they sink their hearts to sing carefully crafted Christ-exalting tunes.

Daystar Worship is the worship ministry of Daystar Church based in Greensboro, North Carolina. Currently Daystar Worship is comprised of around 75 musicians that lead worship for ten services per week. Although Daystar Worship serves many hours a week, the worship staff, comprised of Eric Freeman, Chris Heeter and Kierre Bjorn Lindsay, are passionate about writing original music for Daystar Church and other worship ministries around the country. 

"Light Will Find," though not Daystar Worship's debut release, is their first major label product with Dream Worship.  Clocking in at a fraction above 20 minutes, this EP is a short affair of a mere four songs.  Not sure if it's meant to be a conceptual theme, but two out of the four songs have the word "light" in its titulars.  "Let Your Glory Shine" kicks the tempo up to high gear as the team delves in an arena-filling power anthem of worship.  But this is only spot where the tempo gets on the propulsive edge.  The rest of the other three songs are sculpted with greater introspection and reflection.

"Nothing Compares" shimmers sweetly, as the lead singer alternates between singing of God's sovereign care and our absolute awe of his providence.  The title cut "Light Will Find" is the strongest of these quartet of songs.  With a throwback feel to Hillsong's earlier recordings, the ballad "Light Will Find" trumps on both the simplicity of its lyrics as well as the song's irresistibly catchy melody.  The album closes with "Light Has Found," the second of two "light" songs. Coming right after the title cut, the song sounds redundant.  Further, its ephemeral feel and the song's fluid melody earmark this cut as unessential.

Nevertheless, the value of "Light Will Find" is mostly in its quieter moments.  Daystar Worship cherishes these moments, and working in concert with the Holy Spirit, "Light Will Find" is a retrospective triumph. This EP is intended as a balm for the soul, and in this regard, it succeeds.



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