Collington Greets the New Year with New Album Produced by Aaron Gillespie


Collington is a singer and songwriter and he is set to release his new album We Swim in Seas that Never Rest.  New beginnings, is what singer-songwriter Collington would tell you his new album We Swim in Seas that Never Rest is all about.  The album is available for purchase tomorrow on January 1st here.

"I've always thought of my songs as journal entries, "Collington says, "some pages I share with people and some pages I keep to myself."

In summer of 2015, Collington was opening for Aaron Gillespie (Paramore, Underoath) in Boston. Gillespie who'd taken an interest in the Collington's songs and style approached the opener with kind words and a proposal in mind. Collington was asked to go to Salt Lake City, Utah where Gillespie would produce and perform on what would become the next Collington release.

It was at this point that, for Collington, the rubber met the road and things began rapidly picking up speed. When the airplane landed in Utah two-months later, the home produced singer-songwriter realized that things were changing. The diary pages were becoming a new chapter and at that; they were becoming the first chapter of a very new story.

Despite the things that were changing, Collington has maintained cohesive elements where it matters, holding fast to virtues of empathetic musings as well as hopeful lyrics and tones on the new record. All the while, emerging into the most developed and mature sounding release to date.

"I'm really happy with how the record came out," Collington says, "We Swim in Seas that Never Rest has helped me find my voice in a way that I think was missing on a lot of records. I knew what I was trying to say through my music, but now I think other people can understand what I'm saying with the mood of this record. There's a heartbeat to it. " 


01. Don't Crumble 
02. City Lights
03. Steam Train Heart 
04. Rivers 
05. Coffee 
06. The Lamp
07. Driving All Night 
08. This Ain't My Home 
09. Letting Go 
10. Walls 

Produced by Aaron Gillespie 
All songs written by Collington: 

Vocals: Collington 
Guitars: Collington, Aaron R Gillespie, Andrew Goldring 
Bass: Collington, Aaron R Gillespie, Andrew Goldring 
Drums: Aaron R Gillespie 
Addition Instrumentation by Gillespie and Goldring 

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