Exclusive Interview with Noel Robinson: "I am a Recipient of the Outrageous Love of the Father"

Noel Robinson

Noel Robinson is an international worship leader, music pastor, songwriter and producer whose mandate is to see the body of Christ rise up in worship, intercession and unity in this generation. He has been involved in Worship ministry for over 20 years, and his ability to cross over the many cultural and diverse expressions of worship has allowed him to stand and lead at many leading events and conferences across the world. He has partnered with many ministries from Morris Cerrullo, Rienhard Bonnke, Spring Harvest, Baptist Assembly, AOG, Elim churches, Renewal Worship Encounters plus many more!

Recently Robinson has signed with Integrity Music nd he has recently released his live worship record "Outrageous Love."  We are honored to be able to catch up with him. 

Hallels:  Congratulations on the release of "Outrageous Love." Many of our readers are in the US and we may not be too familiar with your ministry, can you tell us a little about yourself and ministry?

I am a UK based itenirate worship leader/pastor I have been involved in worship ministry for nearly 30years. Began my musical life at 6 years old playing Music in church with my father who was a musician.Majored in music at school playing in the local orchestra through my teens.Became my denomination national music director, began working with the likes of Graham Kendrick & Ron Kenoly as guitarist and MD.I realise that God was calling me to the ministry of worship and music within the church.So set about serving by training, teaching and leading in different worship contexts from choir directing to music instrumentalist.In the last 15 years I have felt a real pull to Revival in the body of Christ and I began working within the U.K. Worship fraternity on many  national platforms with Worship leaders like Tim Hughes, Matt Redman, Martin smith and worship leaders like Sonny Badu, Muyiwa & Riversongs and international worship leaders Israel Houghton, Chris Maclarney, Paul Baloche this led me into another mandate of my calling Revival & unity. 

As an itenirate worship leader I spend my time ministerinG at local and international engagements. My intention is to empower and release a Generation of Worshippers that will usher in a Revival  in this present Season.

Hallels:  This is a record released by Integrity Music, how did you get to work with them?

I have known about Integrity Music for many years ' I think the whole world knows' lol they have been the catalyst for releasing the sound of worship across the nations and generations for years. They have a history of seeing worship artist like Ron Kenoly, Don Moen, Paul Wilbur and so many songs written that have been the prophetic anthems of people and cultures around the world.

I had been speaking to the European office for sometime regarding my heart for Revival in Europe and the world and how I saw the expression of worship and music playing a big part in this coming Prophetic Reformation of the church in worship and how this would be one of the vehicles that God would use, Spirit and the Word released through music to change and empower lives across the globe, so 8 years ago I began series of prophetic worship encounters meetings  and called it Kingdom Worship Movement because it wasn't a move of any one denomination or church that would bring this about, but a movement of people,  from around the globe, set on fire by the Holy Spirit that would empower the church and this generation. We began exploring this thing that was in my heart and how  it would be positioned in the UK and Europe.

I was surprised on one hand by the interest Integrity has shown, but on the other hand it felt right to stand in ministry with an agent that understood the spiritual dynamic that would give birth to songs and a movement that would challenge and encourage the church in its mission and its prophetic nature in the earth. Again meeting the US and global team have been brilliant I recognise I am a small cog in the working of the things of God in the earth so working with integrity to be positioned to fulfil my small part and potential is an amazing opportunity.

Hallels:  Is this the first live worship record you have had recorded?  How is a live recording different from a studio album? 

Well after 5 studio projects it is my first live album but being a live platform worship leader it was really about translating what I would do in a live music setting into a recorded format.So we set about creating a time and space where God could dwell in those moments and that people would encounter his presence.We had to think how each moment would feel not just for the listener on the record but those in the room, and then capture that atmosphere and the spiritual imprint of those moments, so that folk around the world listening could be drawn into, not a mirror of the moments but there own moments created by the faith in there hearts.

As British musicians we wanted to capture a sound that reflected and fused my eclectic musical expressions to lyrics that would inspire the listener. 'it seem like a lot of thought but we were just trying to capture a honest sound that reflected the God space given to us with who we are now'In the studio past I could look at individual songs and create the musical back drop to support the songs and melody. In terms of production  and arranging  we used as much creativity as we were allowed in context to the music and lyrics hence a intentional attempt of cross pollination of  genres to bring the songs to life. Most importantly we wanted the Holy Spirit to be the centre of what we created and that God would be pleased with the heart of worship and expression we presented.

Hallels:  You recorded this album in London, what was most memorable about the night of recording? 

It was such a blessing to stand on home soil and release the sound of worship that has had its musical and spiritual roots in the British Isles.I recall many things most memorable was when the 800 worshippers gathered took hold of the song 'You give me Life' I had a sense that I was no longer the leader but I was participating in something that was a bigger conversation between heaven and earth. It was these moments that gave credibility to the worship experience on the night.

Hallels:  As I am listening to your new album, I love "You Hold Everything," which you co-wrote with Matt Redman.  Tell us about your writing experience with Matt.

I have known Matt and Jonas for many years so they where on list of songwriters that I had wanted to collaborate with on this album. We had spent time working on a track on a previous Album 'Garment of Praise' a song called 'Your Love' It was a very special time and I reached out to matt and asked him if we could write together for this project,  he was really excited about the fusion. We met in a very relaxed setting the addition of Jonas Myrin and james Ingram was the icing on the cake for me. Matt Redman is such a incredible lyricist and understands the melodic resonance of the church. It was such a relaxed scenario birthed out of relationships over many years so it wasn't difficult to flow with what was happening in the room.It's one of my favourites on the Album.

Hallels:  Let's talk about "Rain."  For our readers who may not have heard it, what's the song about?  And what was the inpiration behind this song? 

As you can see and feel from this interview that at heart I am a Revivalist, I believe that Revival is a personal experience and that as it is people who make up the church we are the recipients of Revival I then believe it's we that bring transformation to the world.The song 'Rain' was birthed out of a personal desire for more of God in my life, having gone through a very difficult time in my life, the song is a prayer of intercession and has its root in Act 2, Zach 10:1 Hos 6:1-4 Joel 2 it is a cry of the bride for Revival so the song seems to have taken on a prophetic cry of the soul across the churches.

Hallels:  Your album is entitled "Outrageous Love," can you tell us an event in your life where you have had experienced God's outrageous love?

Yes definitely we are all recipients of His Love, the power of his Love is outrageous in so many ways.If you have ever been in a place where folk even family have given up on you. Or you have given up on people A situation where there was such brokenness that human means of restoration could not help.This type of Love story is not all candy flossy, clean and straight forward. Its backdrop is different It is violent, it is bloody it is vivid it's a dark picture of depravity and sin of humanity and then comes a Love so strong that it can only be given by someone who is outrageous enough to fight you for you.
The story of the cross and redemption is an outrageous act of God's love that says even though you reject me and you deserved to be judged I am chasing and pursuing you with my Love I will demonstrate that By sending my precious Son Jesus to die in a horrendous way on a cross so you can have life.

Maybe Outrageous Love is his Grace poured out for humanity to see.

I am a recipient of the Outrageous Love of the father

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