Christian Rock Band 6th Day Made Tells The "Story of Love"

6th Day Made

Christian rock band 6th Day Made debuts this month with their breakout single, "The Story of Love." The single is available now at digital retailers everywhere including iTunes and Amazon.

While 6th Day Made is a relatively new act, its members have shared the stage with many of Christian music's biggest names, including Newsboys, Jeremy Camp, Hawk Nelson Thousand Foot Krutch and Crowder. The Michigan-based band consists of lead vocalist Jason Eaton, guitarist and background vocalist Mark Maggard, Randy 'Doc' Healy on bass and Jeff Trent on drums. 

Hallels: Why call yourself 6th Day Made?

Each time the band gets together for rehearsal we spend the first half hour or so in a time of devotion. As we were considering a name change and what we might change our name to (back in March 2015), we were currently reading the book of Genesis chapter 11. In it we read about the Tower of Babel being constructed and those who were building it said "We will make our name great." Immediately following this The Lord deconstructed what they had constructed and in the next chapter we see The Lord tell Abram "I will make your name great." Also during this time we invited our fans to submit band names for us. The name 6th Day Made was suggested. Each of us liked it and it stood out amongst the others. It points to the creation account where man was created on the sixth day. Genesis chapters 1-11 also teaches us that God gives His best to those who leave the choice to Him. Proverbs 22:1 A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches. 

Hallels: How did you guys come together as a band?

Back in 2009, Jason our lead vocalist and frontman was traveling around in a solo ministry. He had friends in the band backing him up, but they were in it until more permanent players could be found. First to audition was Doc our bass player. Once in the band he brought Mark in for an audition for lead guitar. A few years a few drummers later, Jeff came on board. As we began to write songs together, it was apparent a name change was in order to better reflect the identity of the band. 

Hallels: How would you describe your own sound and musical style?

We have been described as having a Christian Pop/Rock sound or style, a Brit Pop sound, U2 style etc. And the truth is we do have a diverse and great variety of influences and inspiration including Rock, Pop, Reggae, Jazz, Classical, Latino, R&B, Blues, Motown, Gospel and more. We would probably all agree that "Christian Rock" might be the best overall description.

Hallels: Tell us about your single Satellites. And have you ever performed in the UK or Australia?

Satellites is a love song. But not an ordinary love or song. Its a song of love in the highest. God is love Jesus is love (Jesus is God) its a song sung from God's perspective about His great love for us. Satellites is a fun, catchy, reggae, island vibe summer song Produced by Kene Bell. And as of yet, we have not performed in the UK or Australia. However, Lord willing, we will eventually and hopefully soon!

Hallels: Tell us about the inspiration behind your new single The Story of Love.

When we read about Jesus on the cross we picture it in our minds. Greater love hath no man than this; that a man lay down his life for his friends. This is not A love story. It is THE story of love. Its being received very well and we've gotten two reports that some are calling it "The Anthem of Love" for the body of Christ. Wow! That is both encouraging and humbling. It is such a privilege to be apart of God's redemptive plan. 

Hallels: Are you following it up with a new album?  If so, give us some previews of what the album is like.  Who have you been working with?  And when will it be released?

Yes, The Story of Love precedes a 5 song EP (extended play) and later the full length project. The project incorporates songs that are quite diverse from a driving, fist pumping rock song found in Tell Me Why, to a Stray Cats pop inspired tune with Who Am I, to a California vibe influenced The Day of the Year. There will be something for everyone on the project! It is currently self-produced but we have feelers out for some hand picked, well known, award winning producers. Plans are for it to be released this fall. 

Hallels: Speaking of "The Story of Love," how did you come to know Jesus who is the author of the story of love?

All of us have our own point in time where we came to know Christ, from those of us who were raised in the church and came to know Christ early in life, to those who accepted Christ and found redemption in Him later in life through various experiences. All of us have experienced since that point, the unequivocal providence of God, leading, guiding, directing our paths to this point, to this ministry, to bring the message of love, grace and forgiveness through music. 

Hallels: For our readers who would like to purchase your music or find out more about you, where can they go?

The best place to find out everything is, they can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, all social outlets as well as iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and all digital media outlets. #TheStoryOfLove #TheAnthemOfLove



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