Tim Timmons' New Album "Awake Our Souls" Inspired by the "Gift of Cancer"

Tim Timmons

Singer and songwriter Tim Timmons is set to release his sophomore album, Awake Our Souls, on October 2, 2015 (Reunion Records). After nearly two decades of ministry, this singer/songwriter moves himself beyond believer to follower in ten new songs, which are also an invitation for every listener to discover life's abundance in Jesus. 

"We talk about all these things I've known about my whole life-like freedom in Jesus and overwhelming joy-but I've never known it until now and it's just this awakening in my soul," Timmons shares. "The goal of this record is to invite people into a new reality of the Kingdom of God that is around us all the time."  

This concept of the Kingdom of God is not only ingrained in Timmons' music but also his daily life-especially when he received his cancer diagnosis 14 years ago and given five years to live. "The gift of cancer is perspective," Timmons says. "It's really the open door to speak into people's stories."  Since his 2013 Reunion Records debut, Cast My Cares, Timmons has been writing songs stemming from personal experience and sharing them with audiences on a national platform. Now, the songs found on Awake Our Souls, especially the album's title cut and its first radio single, share the newfound purpose of living each day to its fullest and to the glory of God. 

Awake Our Souls song listing:
  1. Awake Our Souls
  2. Everywhere I Go
  3. Changed
  4. The Outcome
  5. Rest My Soul
  6. Right Beside Me
  7. You Are Good (That I May)
  8. Spring Up
  9. Finally Breathing
  10. All I Really Want
Video of Tim talking about "Awake Our Souls"

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