Laura Kaczor Shares About How Her Trials Shaped Her New Album "Restore Me"

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Contemporary Christian singer/songwriter, worship leader and speaker Laura Kaczor (kuh-ZORE) has just released her fourth album, "Restore Me" (LifeThirst Music). Kaczor wrote or co-wrote all ten songs on the new album, which is produced by Dove Award-winning Producer of the Year, Ian Eskelin (All-Star United, Francesca Battistelli, Kutless).

The new album is deeply personal to Kaczor, birthed in trials, fears and struggles, but full of hope, faith and trust found in the unfailing, unconditional love of a Savior that restores us. That theme of restoration emerges throughout the album, but most notably in the first radio single, "Forever," which is a powerful song of commitment, surrender, salvation and the Lord's faithfulness.

Hallels:  Congratulations on the release of "Restore Me."  It has been almost 5 years since your last album, why has it taken so long?

Haha. Good question!   It ended up being a project completed in stages.  Before, during and after pregnancy and ultimately completed after the birth of my son.   There was a lot going on!  It's amazing how quickly 5 years goes. 

Hallels:  I love the sound of this new album.  For some of our readers who may not be familiar with your music, how would you describe the style of music as reflected in "Restore Me"?

 I'm glad you love it! I love it too.  Stylistically it's a little tough to put it in one category, but I'd say overall  it's a Nashville influenced pop/rock sound.

Hallels:  Why did you choose this theme of restoration?

 Restore Me was one of the first songs written for the album, and it was actually the first song Ian and I recorded.  So that track was always a favorite!   Amy Lewis and I wrote Restore Me together after discussing some of the challenges of the music industry, and how important it is to rest in God's presence to experience His restoration after the world has beaten you up a bit.  I feel like God was continually speaking to me about restoration throughout the project, so I wanted the common thread of the album to communicate that no matter what, we can come to Jesus as we are and He will make us whole.

Hallels:  This album is produced by Ian Eskelin (Kutless, All-Star United), how did you get to work with Ian? What do appreciate about Ian's production skills?

 Ian is so insanely talented!   I reached out to him personally after listening to and loving several of his previous projects and asked him if he'd be willing to work with me. I'm so thankful he was agreeable. I appreciated everything about working with Ian. He's laid back, approachable, fun.   But every nuance he added enhanced the overall experience of the track.  Amazing to work with!

Hallels:  Tell us more about your lead single "Forever."  What's the song about?

The song is about a prodigal daughter that made some bad choices looking for love and acceptance.  She comes back to Christ and recommits her life in a grand way, declaring that she wants Jesus to come into her heart forever.  As she looks back at the times she thought she was the absolute farthest from Him, she realizes He was always there with her, even in the darkest if places.   And He will be.  Forever!

Hallels:  One song that means a lot to you and your husband I believe is "We Don't Always Understand."  Tell us about the story surrounding the song.

This is another song I wrote with Amy Lewis, and we actually wrote it in response to one of Amy's close friends having a miscarriage.  There are just no adequate words in those moments, but in those moments, we have to focus on what we know is true.  That God is good.  That He loves us.  And we can't always understand the circumstances we face.    After the song was written and recorded,  my infant son was born with a large hole in his heart that required surgery to be repaired.  So at  6 months old, he had open heart surgery and I honestly couldn't even listen to this song without breaking down.  I didn't understand why he was having to go through so much and he was just a tiny baby... I didn't understand!  I couldn't understand.   But I had to surrender, and I had to trust God with our son.  Knowing that God is good even in the midst of the most difficult circumstances.

Hallels:  What are you most excited about this new record?

I'm excited for my friends, family and fans to hear what I think is a new sound for me.   I'm excited for these new songs to encourage the listeners as they face difficult things in life.   I'm excited about seeing what God does with this project, the places it goes, and the amazing people I'll meet along the way! 


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