Hillsong UNITED "Touch the Sky" Single Review

hillsong united

After spending almost a year at the penthouse position of the Billboard Christian Songs tally with their uber hit "Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)," looks like UNITED's empire is not ready to topple.  Rather than reinventing the wheel, UNITED has utilized the same mortar and brick that made "Oceans" such a monumental hit to erected "Touch the Sky."  Again finding Taya Smith on lead vocals, "Touch the Sky" is another crescendo building ballad, but this time with a slighly more accentuated beat relative to the ethereal and sparse feel of "Oceans."

Part of the glowing affinity many find with "Oceans" is its haunting ability to brings us right into the shores of the Sea of Galilee as Jesus challenges Peter to walk on water.  That immediacy of hearing the crash of the waves, the coarseness of the sand in our feet, and the burgeoning realm of darkness as the sun was setting all were gloriously brought to life with a 3-D realism in just that one song.

Similarly, "Touch the Sky" has that holographic sensation.  As the first note strikes you find yourself situated in heaven.  Glittering in our horizons are the usurpassing richness of God's eternal promises.  You can feel your heart beating and your soul pulsating with desire. Then comes the denoucement of the song, such glorious riches can only be ours not by good works or constant striving.  But they can be ours when we are prepared to bend the knee to Jesus, deny ourselves, carry up His cross and suffer for His Gospel.

Self-denial has never been more eloquently portrayed than in these words: "My heart beating, my soul breathing/I found my life when I laid it down/Upward falling, spirit soaring/I touch the sky when my knees hit the ground."   Add to that Smith's melliflous vocals, no wonder empires shattered in the face of Christ's kingdom.  No wonder lives are surrendered when the Cross is exalted. 


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