"Dominic Gibbs Of Loftland Talks About "Hold On, Small One'"


The guys in Loftland have been busy to say the least.  Having just finished their tour with DREAM act, Jonathan Thulin and Shine Bright Baby on the Dead Come To Life Tour, they are about to join Silverline and Shonlock on the Shine A Light Tour (March 12th).  With not much time in between their hectic touring schedules, the group's lead singer, Dominic Gibbs, stopped to share his thoughts on the groups' first single, "Hold On, Small One".

The group's remix contest has been going strong.  With tons of submissions and entries already, it's going to be hard to pick just one winner for the guys. David Thulin, famed producer and remix artist is hosting the contest on his Soundcloud channel.  The contest invites everyone to download the vocal stems from the track, "Hold On, Small One" at, adding their own flavor to it and re-uploading to the same site.

Check out their single "Hold On, Small One":

For more information about their upcoming tour visit: For more information about the group go to their page on  To enter the "Hold On, Small One" remix contest and to check out the prizes click here. To order their new album, I Don't Want To Dance click here.

Connect with Loftland: | Twitter | YouTube |  Facebook | iTunes

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