Radikal Nation: Radikal Hughes Seeks to Impact Culture with His Music

Radikal Hughes

Radikal Hughes is an inspirational artist/songwriter that specializes in urban/pop/and electronic dance music. This product of Columbus, OH has been compared to the likes of artists such as Pitbull and Lecrae for his universal, innovative, and mainstream sound. 

Radikal has collaborated with many well respected artists within his genre, including legendary Grammy Nominated rap duo Grits along with Stellar Nominated artist Viktory. Radikal's new smash hit single "Summer Time" featuring Viktory can be heard on nationwide terrestrial radio along with internet radio worldwide.

Whether it be his catchy hooks, transparent lyrics, or his hard hitting tracks, Radikal's music is truly the kind of music that will leave listeners feeling uplifted and encouraged. We are very honored to be able to catch up with Radikal for this Hallels' exclusive interview.

Hallels: Thank you so much for doing this interview with us.  On Twitter you said that you are trying to bring a new sound that impacts our culture.  How would you describe your sound?

Absolutely, I would describe my sound as very unique, but at the same time very commercial!  What I mean by that is my music sounds very mainstream like much of the music you would hear on Top 40 Secular Radio, however it is very unique because it is very relevant, transparent, and bold about truly living this Christian Life.  The "new sound" I refer to on Twitter is a sound of Revival.  I personally believe we as believers really need revival in our hearts, our communities, our churches, and our culture!  We as a "church" have become so ME focused instead of HE focused!  Part of this "revival sound" is a making music that doesn't shy away from talking about the Holy Spirit and the gifts that HE has equipped us with to walk out a victorious life for Christ!  

Hallels: In what ways do you wish to impact culture with your music?

I wish to impact the culture in every way shape and form through music!  However,  music is just the vehicle that allows me to get into peoples lives to encourage, to mentor, to disciple, and to love on people!  Through music I will do weekly bible studies through google hangouts, mentorship through skype sessions, artist development, vlogging on youtube, and speaking engagements all over the world!  My goal is to be an artist who is down to earth, transparent and extremely relatable! I want my fans, friends, and listeners to know that I am just like them, no better than them, and I'm in need of the same Savior just like them! I understand my approach is very unconventional and radical, however music is about changing lives to me.  God put in my spirit a movement called "Radikal Nation" which is about ordinary people transforming a culture by becoming radical for HIM!

Hallels: What is the role of faith and God in your music?

The role of faith and God are at the forefront of my music and everything I do!  I have made the conscious decision to make music for the church, but also maintain an evangelistic approach through my shows when I minister and also within my music itself.  I understand many Christian Artists or Artists whom are Christian take various approaches with this and it can become very controversial, however with the ministry God has given me I have welcomed the label of a "Christian Rapper, Christian Artist, or even Inspirational Artist!  My vision is to make transparent, hard hitting, commercial, uplifting music that will inspire you and encourage you in your walk with Christ!

Hallels: I love your new single "Alone Tonight," for our readers who may not have heard it yet, can you tell us what the song's about?

Absolutely!  This song Alone Tonight (featuring Bizzle and Sevin) has been the song that has touched more people than any other song i have ever created!  My inbox has been flooded with countless testimonies from random fans all over the world saying things like, thank you so much for this song it's all i listen to when i feel alone!  It was written from a standpoint telling a story of how we artists have felt alone as Christians at some point within the "Church" living this life for God!  Everyone has felt abandoned or alone at some point, I don't care who you are!  What we were trying to express was how painful feeling alone and abandonment really is, and that if we recognize that, lets not let our brothers and sisters feel that way!  Encouraging others from the song to go out of their way to embrace each other, because you truly don't know where someone really is at in life.  They could be on the verge of an emotional breakdown, about to commit suicide, about to walk out on their families, etc.  

Hallels: Are you following up your single releases with an album?

Yes, I will be releasing my debut album titled "Radikal Nation" in the late Spring of 2015 so definitely be on the lookout for that!  However, until the album releases we will be releasing singles every 60 days to maintain a presence and stay relevant in the music industry!

Hallels: You have worked with Grits,Viktory and many others, is there anyone else you would like to collaborate with?

Yes, I have been truly blessed to work with many of the pioneers in Christian Hip Hop along with many of the hottest names in Christian Hip Hop currently!  I would definitely have to say T-Bone, Social Club, Hillsongs United, Kim Walker, Out of Eden, and Rachel Lampa would definitely still be on my bucket lists for artists that I would love to work with!

Hallels: For our readers who would like to purchase your songs or/and find out more about you, where can they go?

They can find my music in whatever digital media store they prefer (Itunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, Etc) all they have to do is search Radikal Hughes and my music should automatically load up!  Also they can find me on all social media platforms @radikalhughes!  I'm very active on social media and I would love to engage and build relationship with all of you!



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