CSI: Crime Scene Investigation': The CSI Effect, Finlay Dealt with a Bomb inside Her Car and the Gig Harbor Killer


'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation': The CSI Effect, Finlay Dealt with a Bomb inside Her Car and the Gig Harbor Killer

"The "CSI" Effect" episode Season 15, Finlay dealt on a bomb left in her car.

"Crime Scene Investigation" or better known as "CSI" is the series that followed the Las Vegas criminalists, they use tangible evidence in the murder cases, who has inspired the other crime investigation shows.

Remembering the final episode of season 14 "Dead in His Tracks", the "CSIs" investigated a crime that happened 25 years back. Brass had to make a decision as his daughter wanted to take suicide. Actor Paul Guilfoyle who plays Jim Brass left the series after 14 years.

Now on season 15 "The "CSI" Effect" episode, Finlay dealt with a bomb inside her car and Russell received a phone call from a guy who claimed to be the Gig Harbor killer.

The bomb was planted in Finlay's car. The master of the crime wanted to play around. If ever Finlay's friend finds out who is the master of the implantation of bomb on her car, he would consider it as the termination and allow her to stay alive, but if not, he is to kill among their own.

A few days before the bomb threat, Russell and Finlay came in a case that reminded them of their transactions in Seattle, there was a murder case that showed the signs that it was already under process by the "CSI". The evidence was laid out, there is also a recording showing how the murder was done, when Russell saw the incident, he was with a killer, then he caught the killer and now the killer is in prison.

Finlay was in search for his lost partner, so Russell offered her help, they found the partner from a diner, and found out evidence of the man that saw the victim alive.

"CSI" is aired 9 P.M. EST on CBS. The show is a "crime" drama where the characters use forensic tools to investigate on the evidence of the case. The "CSI" is more of "howdunnit" instead of "whodunit." The "CSI" has been in the first place in the scripted series in the Neilsen ratings for 4 years. In 2007, almost 84 million viewers watched "CSI", making it as the most viewed shows in the world.


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