‘NFL Football Today’: Washington RedSkins Versus Dallas Cowboys

Washington RedSkins VS Dallas Cowboys
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'NFL Football Today': Washington RedSkins Versus Dallas Cowboys

It is a big Monday night for Washington RedSkins and Dallas Cowboys. This match-up can be a challenge to the RedSkins. At to this point of the season, the Cowboys has proved that it has been the better team. Red Skins has to perform more in its status 2-5-0 while Cowboys has to defend its standing at 6-1-0.

An issue has also arisen with regard to the quarterback position. Kirk Cousins was benched for Colt McCoy in the team's victory over the Tennessee Titans last week. McCoy has a good trend of winning in the state of Texas. Red Skins will have to find out if that tradition of winning streak will continue to push through the fence of the Dallas Cowboys in their match tonight.

RedSkins head coach Jay Gruden spoke his thoughts in a statement in the Redskins official website last Thursday. "We're preparing for Colt to be the starter. But we're trying to get Robert some reps, get him ready, but right now it looks like odds are Colt will be the starter, but we're trying to work Robert into the lineup and trying to get him reps to get him ready to go," Gruden said. The head coach is ready to have Colt McCoy as the team's starter this week if it is not possible for Robert Griffin III to come back after having a dislocated ankle.

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Meanwhile, Dallas Cowboy's DeMarco Murray and Tony Romo will enter the league on offense. According to NFL Spinzone, Murray is the reason behind Cowboy's wins during the season. The team is capable of rocking an offense, handling the time. Murray aces the NFL with a record of 913 yards on the ground and 7 rushing touchdowns versus Alfred Morris' 440 yards on the ground plus 3 touchdowns.

The 2014 Team Efficiency Ratings are revealed in Football Outsiders. The ratings are calculated by the Defense-adjusted Value Average (DVOA) System that dissects every NFL play and checks the performance of the team with a league baseline measure. By looking at the numbers, the Washington Redskins stacks up with the following - Run Offense DVOA, 13; Pass Defense DVOA, 23; Run Defense DVOA, 8; and Pass Defense DVOA, 24. On the other hand, Dallas Cowboys has the following - Run Offense DVOA, 3; Pass Defense DVOA, 6; Run Defense DVOA, 26; and Pass Defense DVOA, 11.

Will the Cowboys sweep its standing and catch 7-1-0, or the Redskins can ablaze their standing to 3-5-0?

The two teams will unleash their fury in the highly anticipated NFL football game tonight at 8:30PM at the AT&T stadium in Dallas. Watch the live stream at WatchESPN.

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