Fayetteville, NC to Host Record Breaking "As One" Prayer Walk

As One Prayer Walk

Fayetteville, NC is leading the charge for bringing faith back into the community. The city is preparing for their annual As One Prayer Walk April 12, 2014. 2 years ago, 6,000 people of all walks of life gathered for one purpose - to unite in prayer as one massive body and proclaim that God belonged in their city.

This year's estimated 10,000 walkers would shatter previous attendance record, proving once again the word of Christ is as strong as ever.

This year's walk route will begin at Fayetteville's Festival Park and proceed to Veterans Park, then on to Airborne Museum where the attendees will have a special prayer for any active or non-active military families. The next stop will be City hall where prayer will be focused on regional civic leadership. Racial diversity will be the focus at Market House with the last location being the Fayetteville Public Library.

At the helm of this year's As One Prayer Walk, community leader Jeremy Wright are trying to figure out the best way to accommodate such a large amount of walkers.

"I want the prayer walk to empower the body of Christ. We, as believers, tend to take the back seat to critical issues and policies while others push to the forefront," expresses Wright.  "The only way we can be at the forefront of the decisions that are made in our community and our country is that we do it together in unity."

"If we want to positively impact our community and be change agents, we must show our desire to do so and this silent act of unity is a powerful stance to continually move forward in progress," Wright shares.  "There is strength in numbers! As One, we cannot be defeated!" 

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