'Glee' Season 6: Character Updates

Glee season 6
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'Glee' Season 6:  Character Updates

The next season of the long running musical series "Glee" will surely delight their avid followers.  So far, we have already witnessed proposals happen between Rachel and Finn, Blaine and Kurt, and Emma and Will.  Who will be the next pair that will blossom on the sixth season of "Glee"? 

The sources from Unreality TV reveal that there are more evidences that point out towards Santana and Britanny will still be joining the cast of the sixth and last season of "Glee".  A very excited Naya Rivera also tweeted about her appearance in the series' final season.  She was teasing "Glee" fans that her role will bring in more fun to the series.  There is also more romance that will happen since there might be just a wedding in season six.

According to Latin Post, the producers of the show have been planning for a major engagement on the final season of "Glee".  This proposal just might happen in the first few episodes of the final season, which will surely delight the viewers.  The fans of Brittana won't have to wait for long.  The Latin Post's sources from the "Glee" production did not exactly detail how early that proposal moment will happen, but what we do have information at the moment is that Rivera and Morris have juicy scenes filmed at MCKinley High with Diana Agron (Quinn in "Glee").  This is for, "Homecoming", the second episode of the finale season.  At this point it is pretty safe to conclude that there will be a wedding on the way for Brittany S. Pierce and Santana Lopez.  

As for Rachel, sources reveal that she will be returning to Lima.  Her return is the result of her failed acting career in New York.  She is still trying to seek other opportunities for her, but one thing is certain - she will revive the Glee Club that has been disbanded by Sue.  On the season finale, Rachel will be New Directions' leader and there will be five sophomores who will be a part of the group.  Rachel and Sue will definitely have juicy encounters for sure, as Sue has been pissed off with Rachel reviving the Glee Club. 



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