Galaxy Note 4 vs iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus vs. Galaxy Note 4: Apple Hits Record-Breaking Sales, but Samsung's Phablet Remains Superior for Features and Specifications

Oct 29, 2014

The smartphone showdown is now between a Korean tech giant, and the American, Cupertino-based high-technology and design phenomenon. Similar to Coke and Pepsi, the two firms are now in the midst of a battle for greater profit margins and market share. In the early years of the rivalry, Samsung had the upper hand after it spearheaded large-screen smartphones. But, after Apple's recent launch of the iPhone 6 series, the global handset table was turned.

Resident Evil Revelations 2

'Resident Evil Revelations 2' Release Date Leaked: Horror Game's Sequel Will Premiere on February 2015

Oct 16, 2014

The sequel of the Japanese-made video game is set to conquer the gaming world again next year."Resident Evil Revelations 2" is given a release date of Feb. 17, 2015. This specific date was reportedly leaked in a listing on Sony's Playstation store.

Far Cry 4

'Far Cry 4' Release Date: New Trailer Displaying What to Expect from the Game; Set To Release on November 2014

Oct 16, 2014

Fans have long been craving for updates about the upcoming "Far Cry 4" release date, and finally, the waiting game is about to end. A month from now, the fourth installment of the game title will be made available to its followers worldwide, specifically on the 18th of November, 2014.


Samsung Eyes 2015 Launch of 60 GHz WI-Fi: 1GB File Download Can Be Done In 3 Seconds, Fastest In The Market

Oct 16, 2014

News on the launch of Samsung's 60 Ghz Wifi that will allow users to download a 1gb file in just three minutes! Reasons for the push backs also explained.

Apple Watch

Most Awaited Apple Watch Debuts On Vogue China

Oct 15, 2014

There you have it, as per Forbes, the device that was claimed by Tim Cook to be "the next chapter in Apple's story" - the Apple Watch - debut appeared on the cover of Vogue China.

Sony Experia Z3v

Sony Xperia Z3v U.S. Release Date on October 23; Waterproof and First PS4 Remote Play Phone; U.S. Premiere Sony's Step to Gain Bigger Market Share

Oct 15, 2014

With the goal of increasing their U.S. market share, Japanese company Sony shipped their newest flagship smartphones earlier than they used to. Acknowledging the tough competition against America's tech-giants like Apple, Sony announced that Xperia Z3v will be available in Verizon starting on October 23.

Retina iMac

Retina iMac 2014 Release Date, Specs, and Price: Unveiling on October 16 Apple Event; 27" Model Gets Improved Display and Processor; Cost May Be Higher Than $2,000

Oct 15, 2014

The Cupertino-based tech-giant cannot seem to cease on creating something new. After its newest flagship smartphone set record breaking debut sales, Apple is set to unveil new set of devices that they hope can also take the tech-world by storm.

Nexus 6

Which Phablet Is Better? iPhone 6 Plus vs Nexus 6 Specs Comparison - Google and Motorola Set to Join in Big Smartphone Showdown

Oct 15, 2014

Proving that the game is not over yet, search engine-giant together with its tech-company partner is set to release a phablet bigger than Apple's largest handset. Google is set to launch its newest smartphone, Nexus 6 this month.

Nexus 9

Google and HTC Nexus 9 Will Launch Quietly Tonight - Pre-order Set on October 17; First Device with Android 'L' OS Price Announced

Oct 15, 2014

Contrary to initial rumors about the new tablet from the search-engine giant company, Nexus 9 reportedly will launched quietly tonight, October 15. That is one day advance to the prior news that HTC and Google's new flagship tablet will be unveiled on October 17.

Lenovo Yoga 2Pro

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro Review: 13" Tablet Can Be an All-in-One Home Theater; Equipped with Projector and High-Volume Speakers

Oct 15, 2014

Lenovo has yet another addition to its Yoga Tablet Family. Their new devices are not just one, not just two, but three new tablets with the same design but diverse capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 Comparison

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 Comparison: Rumored Super AMOLED Screen Will Be Larger Than Apple's Biggest Smartphone; Release Date Will Happen Soon

Oct 15, 2014

The tech-royal rumble is not over yet. Apple may have had their record breaking sales after iPhone 6 and 6 plus was launched but Samsung will not retreat and surrender. In fact, rumors said that the Korea-based company is set to have its revenge through Galaxy S6.

Apple Pay vs Google Wallet

Apple Pay vs Google Wallet Comparison: What Does the Cupertino-Based Mobile Payment Have to Do To Avoid Google's Failure?

Oct 15, 2014

Adding up another battle ground for a technology showdown, Apple and Google is set to have a face to face confrontation but now it will not be a clash between their devices. The two American tech-giants will take their rivalry up a notch with their mobile payment service showdown.

The Evil Within

'The Evil Within' Game and Platform Specs Review: Why It's One of the Scariest Game Ever!

Oct 15, 2014

The trailer for the game "The Evil Within" proves that it is going to be one of the scariest game available today. The trailer did say, "'The Evil Within' is an unforgettable experience where every encounter, can end your life can in a blink of an eye."

Apple Pay

Apple Pay Rumored to Launch Next Week Oct. 18: What Users Can Expect and Which Establishments are Accredited

Oct 15, 2014

An internal memo from Walgreens had been making it rounds all over the internet. The memo is asking Walgreens employees to "prepare" for the launching of the latest Apple service - Apple Pay.


William H. Macy's Directorial Debut 'Rudderless' Gets A Thumbs Up!

Oct 15, 2014

"Rudderless" is the first film ever directed by William H. Macy. Macy is no stranger in working with great directors and it's no surprise that he picked up a few pointers on how to be a good director himself.