Mark Zuckerberg Acquires a Secluded Property at $100 Million - Facebook’s CEO a Hawaii-Fan Ever Since

Mark Zuckerberg
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Mark Zuckerberg Acquires a Secluded Property at $100 Million - Facebook’s CEO a Hawaii-Fan Ever Since

The man who has the brain that created Facebook, a multi-billion social network, has recently purchased a massive land property near the seashore. Citing sources, Forbes reported that Mark Zuckerberg bought two adjacent land of Kauai’s North Shore in Hawaii.

The 30-year-old billionaire reportedly aims to create a private family place in the remote island that cost him $100 million. His is now the new owner of a 700-acre land, which is divided in two parts, that has no built house yet.

The first part of the Zuckerberg’s massive land is an isolated 393-acre land located in Pila’a Beach, which is known for its white sand beach. A record shows that the property was bought at $49.8 million although the purchase is listed as "pocket listing."

Facebook’s CEO also acquired a 357-acre land next to Pila’a Beach’s. The massive Kahu’aina Plantation, available at $70 million, is formerly a sugar cane agricultural estate that "has been off-and-on-the market for a few years." Like the first land, the purchase of the plantation is not listed yet but it reportedly shelled-out $66 million out from Zuckerberg’s pocket.

Daily Mail reported that both properties could accommodate several grand private homes but the entrepreneur has reportedly no plans of building more than one nest. This is because Zuckerberg would really want extra private home where he and his family can escape and be unseen.

On the other hand, the Facebook founder will have one neighbor - Gary Stewart. Stewart is a high-ranking officer of Melange International. The oil and gas company executive reportedly rejected Zuckerberg’s offer when the latter tried to buy him out.

Stewart remains the owner of the remaining land parcels in Pila’a Beach which he bought for $6.04 million. Zuckerberg, on the other hand, bought the said massive property from a retired local Honda dealer Jim Pflueger.

It can be said that Zuckerberg, one of the youngest American billionaires, is a fan of Hawaii ever since and the Facebook head had a lot of trips to the islands with his wife Prisicilla Chan. Just last year, the married couple was photographed at Bubba Burgers located at Kauai’s North Shore.

This is why the news of the purchase does not come as a surprise anymore. Although Independent reported that Zuckerberg has made a bargain with his recent acquisition. The amount he has paid for the massive land is seen cheap enough in exchange of a world class secluded island.

Kahu’aina Plantation is known as home for numerous wild animals aside from its white sand beach. The island has in fact appeared in Jurassic Park and Pirates of the Carribean. Its brochure also said that “The property’s lush environment includes a 27-acre agricultural easement consisting of permanent crops such as palm trees and a wide variety of organic crops including ginger, turmeric and papaya.”

Facebook company, on the other hand, has not confirmed anything yet.

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