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Windows 10 Preview Here: See For Yourself 

As Microsoft released the soft version of their latest operating system, the Windows 10, they've taken a queue from Apple and organized a Technical Preview  to ensure that its users-friendly and everyone can get a feel of their newest OS.

They wanted you to feel and see if it will work for you, compared to the one you are using now, maybe Windows 7 or Windows 8, not at least, the new Windows 10 will cater you an OS that will work on everything, from desktop to tablet to mobile.

Microsoft Corp. already released the Windows 10 Technical Preview where in the users install the rough version of the new OS then the user can tell the Microsoft what are the rooms of improvement.

So far, some users already were saying what they love and not much about with the new Windows 10. Here are some features that made them love it:

According to Stuff TV, modern apps are now windowed when launched in the desktop, and there are new keyboard shortcuts to snap them to the edges of your screen. It's also likely that your Windows 10 installation will vary depending on which device you install it. 

Multiple windows are in and you can use it by tapping Win-tab, or - with a touch screen - swiping in from the left. And you can switch between them using Ctrl-Win + the left or right keys. File Explorer's the most noticeable update at this early stage - it pops into view with a subtle new transition, and looks cleaner than ever.

But of course, some also says it still has rooms for improvement, like the icons in the new Windows 10 that is date back to the days of Vista, and it's "really an off to the innovative design of windows 10" based on some users.

How about the multiple desktop features? 

Yes, it has multiple desktop features, but you think you can do it by just dragging it, well no. In Windows 10, you must hit Win-tab to show the desktops, then right-click on the thumbnail of the app and tell it which desktop you want it to go to, kind of hassle you know, just a little bit.

So, now you know what's hot and what's not with the new Windows 10. Yes it's really an innovative and beautiful one, but still it's a rough version, so let's expect for more developments and rest assured that Microsoft is taking note on that. We'll see in the near future what they can do with that.


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