Nashville Season 3 Episode 3 Review: I Can't Get Over You to Save My Life

A scene from 'Nashville' Season 3
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Nashville Season 3 Episode 3 Review: I Can't Get Over You to Save My Life

A lot of exciting things happened in the 3rd episode of "Nashville" Season 3. Nothing compares to starting an episode with a "comfort room invasion" thing! In this episode, Juliette is still keeping the secret from Avery about the baby. She's not looking great during the tour practice and she has another screen test for Patsy Cline, which goes pretty well for her.

Rayna will push herself to the limit to be the best among others. Part of this is to always be with Luke as much as she can and achieve the "Layna" tandem. They want to get married as soon as possible, but November? Rayna feels she's not yet ready to be married that fast. Maddie is throwing yet another fit because she was supposed to go fishing with Deacon. She threw another fit because she cut her jeans off to her upper limits and her dad isn't happy.  She convinces him to let her go to a barbecue. That's going to go well.

Meanwhile, Deacon is on tour with Luke, and Luke is making the moves on Deacon, but Luke is not happy with Deacon because of so many reasons.

On the other hand, Rayna suggests pushing the wedding date back and he hangs up on her.  She suggests a honeymoon tour so they're together and no more Deacon here.  Luke got a tattoo.  We know there's going to be regret there.

Will is mad because she's dropped out of number one to Rayna. He's very upset so he decided to bring his trainer on the road. Layla goes to Jeff, threatened and warned him to out Will unless Jeff helps her with her career.

Zoey is wondering why Gunnar is making music with Scarlett and not with her. They went to Avery's, where he's drinking. They tell him to sober up because they have a gig.  At the party, Scarlett surprisingly shows up and she caught Avery drunk.  Avery starts singing a song about "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" and they are pretty angry lyrics.

Juliette is practicing telling Avery the news, but then sees him come home with some other girl.  What she doesn't see is Avery throwing the girl out. Avery is very very sad so Juliette heads for Rayna's house for advice.  Rayna does not look happy at all.

Stay tuned next week: Avery is in jail and Juliette is crying in pretty much almost every scene. 

Watch out for next episode of "Nashville" Season 3 only on ABC.

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