Stephen Collins: Confesses His Child Molestation and confronts Investigation

Actor Stephen Collins
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Stephen Collins: Allegations, Rumors, Child Molestation, Confession Therapy 

Stephen Collins, Hollywood actor, who has been allegedly accused for molesting minor children.  The actor, who casted the role of pastor Eric Camden on7th Heaven being probed by investigation officers after he was allegedly admitting that he had done child molestation; People reports. Evidence against Collins was the recorded confession by the actor himself; his wife actress Faye Grant secretly recorded the revelation by the actor during a therapy session in 2012. Police charged the case against the actor and started the investigation for child molestation. In the recorded version, certain portions were deleted to keep the identity of the victims.

The NYPD has already obtained the complaint and currently the investigation is going on under the guidance of Manhattan Special Victims Squad. The accused is allegedly under "inappropriate sexual contact with minors;" minimum three children were supposed to be the victims of the crime, People reports. According to the tape, the actor agreed with few of incidents that he had committed; and gives the clear specifications of the contact he had done. But, all those incidents were happened few years back and the officials still think that, it has some validity to charge the case against him. Following the confession in 2012, Grant filed a divorce petition against Collins in 2012. 

"This is a shock. I found him amazing to work with. He was never more professional," "He was a business man, a star, a leader, a team captain. I loved him. He saved the show. He was a go-to guy."  A former executive at the WB, that telecasted 7th Heaven for 11 seasons, said to PEOPLE. "Collins was known as a big flirt toward adult women, there was never any inappropriate behavior toward children", "If this news is true, it's horrible," a colleague said. In the recorded evidence he was answering for the questions of therapist. 



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