'Legend of Korra Season 4': Mainstays Mako and Asami Look Even More Mature

legend of korra

Legend of Korra season 4: Mainstays Mako and Asami Look Even More Mature

"Legend of Korra" has finally returned, and is ready to excite its fans once more.

With the latest episode for "Legend of Korra Season 4" released online by Nickelodeon as promised, fans of the animated series rejoiced having seen the episode online once more.  

Book Four features footage of Kai and Opal three years later, gliding through the air to preserve the justice that they have always protected. It is interesting to note the transition of the two characters to who they are now, especially their changed physical gliders. Aang's staff is gone, but currently, their suits are better looking.

Mainstays Mako and Asami look even more mature now, proving that so much has changed in the past three years. Korra is yet to show himself, and it seems that we'll have to wait until the next episodes to see our favorite Airbender back in action once more. He'll be back, of course, but we'll have to wait and see before he comes back.

Few things to note: a new Republic City, new villain, and Korra's whereabouts.

As we have seen in the first episode of the fourth book, Korra is nowhere to be seen. Where she could be only the producers will know. When the other airbenders arrived in the Republic City, Korra was nowhere to be seen, but we were given the impression that she has arrived in the city earlier. She's been missing for months, and no one has her whereabouts, though a sneak peek shows Korra, dueling in a fighting ring.

The Republic City meanwhile, changed a lot, as it reunites with the Earth kingdom. A park named after Korra is made, and both kingdoms are living together harmoniously, an unexpected twist of things if we look at earlier episodes of the series.

Speculated to be the new villain, Kuvira seems to be on her own mission to unite each state of the Earth kingdom. It is hard to say anything for now, as she is set to be engaged to Bataar, Opal's brother. She opposes Wu though, and is seeing to it that each state would sign a contract of loyalty to her in exchange for protection from her army against the bandits.

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