Grimm Season 4 Spoilers: Nick and Juliette will Face Challenges and Struggle


Grimm Season 4 Spoilers: Nick and Juliette will Face Challenges and Struggle

NBC has decided to renew Grimm for its fourth season.

The fourth season centers on Adalind and the Royals looking for her missing daughter. Adalind thinks that the royals have her baby, but the child is harmless with Nick's mother. "She's got a rude awakening coming," said series co-creator David Greenwalt.

According to reports, however, a competition will emerge as they search for the missing girl. Greenwalt told TVLine that the much-anticipated season will feature a "new character that will enter the fray who also really wants to find that baby."

In the previous third season of the supernatural series, Nick lost his Grimm powers. This fact entails that he will depend on Trubel. Executive producer James Kouf told TVLine, "There's too much going on!"

Nick and Juliette will face challenges and struggle if they want Nick to regain his Grimm powers and be re-Grimmed. Nick thinks that their life may be better while Juliette says that they should take some time as they try to figure out things.

Monroe and Rosalee finally got married in the third season. But then the producer revealed that "very bad things" are awaiting the newlyweds in the first half of the season. This doesn't sound good to Monroe and Rosalee.

The bad things might be relevant to their marriage. "There are forces out there, a kind of Wesen Klu Klux Klan, that do not like this kind of intermarriage."

The last season also revealed Sean Reard badly injured in a fight and was very close to dying. "There's nothing it turns out, that medical science can really do for him," added Greenwalt.

More to that there will be a new sheriff in Portland City, inaddition to two new characters. TVLine also previewed that Toni Trucks will join the upcoming episode of the NBC supernatural series playing the role of a tough county lawwoman, Deputy Janelle Farris. Farris will be asking help from Nick and Hank to investigate a high-way crime scene. Erick Avari on the other hand, will play a salvage-yard owner. Avari catches Nick's attention in line with the string of highway disappearances.

Grimm returns for its fourth season on October 24, 2014, Friday, on NBC network.


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