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In this exclusive interview with, Tyler Mays, the bassist from The Exchange, shares Christmas memories and traditions.


Kim - What is your favorite Christmas Carol and why?

Tyler - Anything off of the August Burns Red Christmas album is great. It's a ton of fun to listen to, and makes for great headbanging and air drumming!

Kim - What is your favorite Christmas movie/TV special?

Tyler - Elf.

Kim - What is the best Christmas goodie on the dinner table?

Tyler - My mom's pumpkin pie!

Kim - Will you share one of your most beloved Christmas traditions?

Tyler - I love to go snowboarding; it's my favorite winter activity! The last few years, my friend and I have talked about "sneaking out" of the house to go snowboarding on Christmas Day while our families are gathered together. However, we still haven't taken the initiative to make this happen…

Kim - What is the best gift you've given? Received?

Tyler - Last year, I got my mom a glass baking pan with a fancy base for Christmas. I had accidentally broke one of her pans a month earlier, in front of her very eyes... When I was 5 year old, I received a remote-controlled monster truck for Christmas. My whole extended family was gathered in the room. I was so excited to receive it and instantly blurt out "YES! YES! Thanks Uncle John!" I was walking towards my uncle, who gave a weird look at my mom. I soon learned that she was the one who bought it for me.

Kim - If you were caroling, what 5 songs would HAVE to be on the set list?

Tyler - "Let It Snow," "O Come O Come, Emmanuel," "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen," "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" and "Silent Night."

Kim - Jesus gave his very life for us. How do you give of yourself to show others Him during the holiday season?

Tyler - This is really simple, but I try and make it a point to wish people "Merry Christmas," especially in line at the grocery store. I try to smile, be genuinely friendly, and show that there is a true reason for the joy I have in the Christmas season.

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