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Sandi Patty
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Sandi Patty 2013
Grammy Award winning singer Sandi Patty has teamed with Water4, a 501(c)3 public charity based out of Oklahoma City, to give the gift of clean water to those in Sierra Leone.


The women and children living in Sierra Leone and the Polio Persons Development Association (POPDA) have created beautiful, handmade limited edition cards that are available exclusively at Through the "Purchase With a Purpose" campaign, a donation of $40 will get you four one-of-a-kind holiday cards. Each contribution will help fund Water4’s initiative to create jobs in Sierra Leone and help eliminate the world’s water crisis while directly supporting the community in which they were created.

In a press release, Sandi explained her involvement, saying, "Earlier this year, my family and I visited a community for victims of polio in Sierra Leone where my friends at Water4 had installed a water well. We experienced firsthand the impact that clean water makes in a community and discovered that our disabled friends were handcrafting these beautiful holiday cards. What better way for us to encourage holiday giving then to give the opportunity to raise awareness and give back by sharing these wonderful cards."

Water4 began in 2008 with the mission to not only provide water to at-risk areas but also to teach and provide employment opportunities through their inexpensive pumps and drilling methods. While there are many organizations working to solve the global water crisis, few, if any, do it quite like Water4 does. It gets communities directly involved in the future of their home village’s water issues. As a result of their new skills, the locals are involved every day, working to fix the water problems while helping their villages and the residents find new ways to flourish.

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