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American Atheists Billboard
(Photo : American Atheists)
American Atheists Billboard

I read two articles today that made me cringe. Both were about organizations who spew hatred. The one about the American Atheists didn't surprise me. They are, after all, people who don't believe in God so they don't hesitate to denigrate Him or those who believe in Him. The one about Westboro Baptist didn't come as a shocker either. This is a group who may call themselves Christian, but they sure don't behave like people following Jesus. They come from different sides of the "God fence," but the two groups are amazingly similar. They both spew hate; they both are very vocal and they both believe that if you don't believe exactly as they do, you're wrong.


The American Atheists have a new billboard in New York's Times Square. The 40′x40′ billboard uses motion graphics to ask "Who needs Christ during Christmas?" It then crosses out the word "Christ" and replaces it with "Nobody." The display then says “Celebrate the true meaning of Xmas” and offers a series of of what the group calls "cheery words" - like stockings, gifts, charity, lights, run, family, friends, ice skating, snow, human life, music, parties, movies, food. The ad runs for fifteen seconds three times an hour. The campaign will move to a 3-board display at Penn Station next week, and will continue through New Year's Day.

In a press release, American Atheists President David Silverman proved beyond doubt that he will say one thing while doing another when he said, "We all love this time of year. Christianity has been trying to claim ownership of the season for hundreds of years. But the winter solstice came first and so did its traditions. The season belongs to everybody."

Everybody, apparently, except Christians. God and those who follow HIm are the only ones getting attacked here. It makes me wonder ...

  • If the AA members aren't celebrating "Christmas," why not just promote winter solstice and be done with it?
  • If the season "belongs to everybody," why do they care if those of us who have given our lives to Jesus celebrate His birth on December 25th?
  • If they don't believe in Christ, then isn't it a little ridiculous to ask who needs Him?
  • If Christianity is such a joke to them, why are they paying thousands of dollars for billboards to try to turn people away from it? I don't diet soda but I'm not about to spend large sums of money on a billboard that says, "Don't drink Diet _____!"

As I was pondering what the angle must be, I saw the latest garbage coming out of the Westboro camp. They're on a real roll, attacking everyone but themselves.

  • Tributes to Nelson Mandela were mocked with "#Vanity That get him drop of cool water in hell?"
  • The comments that the Pope made regarding Mandela were referred to as "burps/farts" and he (the Pope) was referred to as "Molester Mafia Boss"
  • They will (of course) be picketing at Mandela's funeral. (I'm thinking that won't go over too well in South Africa and if the folks from WBC think the U.S. gov't will get them out of any hot water they get themselves into, they would do well to think about Pastor Saeed Abedini, who has been held prisoner in an Iranian prison for doing nothing more than being a Christian for over a year and our government isn't doing anything more than "quiet diplomacy, under the radar screen, behind the scenes.")
  • President Bill Clinton, Martin Luther King Jr. and Desmond Tutu were all called some pretty ugly names.
  • They'll be picketing Paul Walker's funers (of course) and they are sure he's in hell (with everyone else who has ever died outside of their "church."

Their hatred and ignorance knows no bounds.

The American Atheists and Westboro Baptist go together like peas and carrots. As angry as both groups make me, I shudder to think about where thy both will stand on the day of judgement when they face God.

Editorial: All views expressed here are my own and don't reflect the views of or Music Times LLC.

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