Serena Movie 2014 Release Date: Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence Stars of Serena Got Chemistry During the Film’s Depression Period


Serena Movie 2014 Release Date: Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, Stars of Serena Got Chemistry During the Film's Depression Period

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are set to star in the upcoming Serena film. Cooper and Lawrence will play the married couple in this movie. Lawrence would be Serena Pemberton while Bradley is George Pemberton. They are deeply and madly in love with each other. Their love sustains them as they work to fulfill their ambitions and dreams.

The married couple are managing a huge timber company during Depression Era against the North Carolina and they are willing to do everything to reach their dreams. Serena is described as having a fair and just character. According to the Wire, Serena acts "equal to anyone as she goes about hunting rattlesnakes, overseeing loggers in their employ, saving a man's life, releasing a hawk from her arm and chopping down a tree with an axe."

Howeve, Serena and George's relationship became sour when Serena discovered that she can't bear a child. This is aggravated by the fact that George already has a child with another woman.  

Based on some critics who happened to watch the trailer of the movie, the film is a little bit confusing and vague. For them, point of the movie was never highlighted or never given an importance in the duration of the movie. Most of these critics presumed that at the end of the film. Serena and George will become poor and penniless.

Serena release date will be on October 24th this year only in UK theaters. The release date in U.S. theaters is yet to be announced. 


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