'Fast & Furious 7': New Set, New Cast (Cody and Caleb), and Happier Paul Walker Exit

Fast & Furious 7
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'Fast & Furious 7': New Set, New Cast (Cody and Caleb), and Happier Exit for Paul Walker 

The Fast and Furious (FAF) franchise had gone far in the film industry. Now, another installment will be unleashed in theaters: Fast and Furious 7. From the original date, July 11, the movie's release is now set on April 10, 2015 globally.

This might be a bittersweet movie for the actors and actresses as one of the lead actors Paul Walker passed away last November 30, 2013. This is also the reason why film production had suffered set backs. The production team had to start from scratch to be able to come up with a movie that is even more exciting and colorful. Sudden changes were made to give Paul Walker a better sounding exit in the movie.

New set of characters were chosen to be part of the next installment. There were also rumors that the brothers of the late Paul Walker will appear in the movie as doubles. It has been said that Cody and Caleb Walker are now shooting for the film.

On the other hand, Vin Diesel, who plays Dominic Torretto in the film, is still mourning the sudden death of his co-star and admitted that losing his friend was one of the darkest moments in his life.  But life, indeed, must go on.

Although shooting the new FAF film was tough, the cast made sure they gave all they can to make it better than the previous FAF films. The movie's director is James Wan who directed The Conjuring and The Saw. He assures the public that Fast and Furious 7 will be different though, of course, it will still be about racing cars.  



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