The Rev Jimmie Bratcher Says to Check Your Blues at the Door


The Rev Jimmie Bratcher - 'Secretly Famous'
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The Rev Jimmie Bratcher - 'Secretly Famous'

During an exclusive interview with, "The Rev" Jimmie Bratcher shared the story behind his song, "Check Your Blues at the Door." Jimmie said, "My new album, Secretly Famous ... I used to say it's not a Christian album and I have to say now that it's just as close as I could get communicating to people the way that Jesus did - in a conceptual way. That's how he communicated with people who weren't religious people. So all of the songs on Secretly Famous are things that I could take a chapter and verse and stand up and preach about. For instance, "Check Your Blues at the Door," which is a straight ahead blues shuffle, I wrote while I was reading Matthew, Chapter 6, particularly the verse where Jesus says, "Which of you, by worry, can add anything to your life?" So I wanted to communicate that truth and I did it by sharing how a lot of pressures come on us in life and we have a tendency to drag all of those pressures right back into our homes and influence the people that live there by our stress and our worry. So check your blues at the door - don't bring that stuff home and into your world. I share the message that way instead of saying, 'Jesus said, "Which of you, by worry..."' Another big thing for me is this: I'm not trying to get people's behaviors to change. I'm trying to get their beliefs to change. There is a big difference as to how that communicates."


From the song ...

All that worry baby, all that stress
Won't make much difference anyway
With all we got you know, we're so blessed
So kick back and enjoy this mess
Check your blues at the door

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