'Outcast' Latest News and Released Date: An Epic Warrior Film Starring Nicolas Cage

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'Outcast' Latest News and Release Date: An Epic Warrior Film Starring Nicolas Cage

The Outcast, starring Nicolas Cage and Hayden Christensen, is an American-Chinese film. The story begins when an heir to the Imperial throne becomes a target of an assassination, being plotted by his own brother. They sought the protection of a young crusader, Arken (Christensen) who, in turn, asked the help of the "legendary crusader-turned-bandit" Gallain (Cage). Their mission is to help the prince to claim his rightful throne. Outcast is directed by Nick Powell.

Outcast trailer shows Gallain and Arken fighting together as crusaders. It shows Gallain questioning the purpose of what they are doing and why they are killing women and children. Then the scene shifts to a Chinese emperor being killed by his own son, who wants to claim the throne. A young boy, who is destined to become the next emperor, is running away just to save his own life. Then he met Arken whom they've asked for help, and, together, they've searched for Gallain. Gallain is now a bandit known as the "White Ghost." The trailer showed the intense battle as they fought the spies and the imperial guards searching for the boy.

Outcast is an interesting movie. It is culturally rich because it will merge two cultures under one story. It's nice to learn the intricacies of politics from both cultures. Based on the trailer, the battles in the movie are going to be epic -- no high-tech gadgets -- just plain, old, man-to-man combat -- a fight to the death. It will allow moviegoers to watch battles from different eras and different battlefields.

Outcast is set to be released in China on September 26, 2014, while moviegoers in the United States will have to wait until February 27, 2015 to watch this epic warrior film. It was announced by Producer Jeremy Bolt that they do have plans for making a sequel to the film.

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